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  • Sprightly Exercises to Keep You Going to Age 100
    James Shūichi Nakano

    Sprightly Exercises to Keep You Going to Age 100 100歳まで動ける「おはよう」あとのしゃっきり! 体操

    In today’s world, we have to move our bodies less and less to get things done. But the more sedentary we become, the more our muscles weaken, and as strength in our legs and back… … Details

  • 115 Frameworks Selected by a Business Strategy Pro
    Hikaru Tansei

    115 Frameworks Selected by a Business Strategy Pro 戦略プロフェッショナルが選んだ フレームワーク115

    Businesses today must contend with a shrinking workforce even as the volume of work continues to increase. It can be useful in such circumstances to turn to scientifically systematized frameworks that can help in organizing… … Details

  • Vocal Magic: Anyone Can Make a Better Impression!
    Haruyo Miyakawa

    Vocal Magic: Anyone Can Make a Better Impression! どんな人でも好感度アップ!の声の魔法

    All people pick up voice and speech habits from their surroundings as they grow up. They simply learn how to vocalize and pronounce words by mimicking other people, and virtually no one receives any kind… … Details

  • Avant-Garde Publications: Futurism, Dadaism, and Constructivism
    Yoshiaki Nishino

    Avant-Garde Publications: Futurism, Dadaism, and Constructivism 前衛誌:未来派・ダダ・構成主義

    Artists active in the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century were linked together across borders by a media network of avant-garde magazines. Their artistic creations were typically seen outside the established framework of salons… … Details

  • Idol Culture through the Prism of Media Theory
    Kenji Nishi

    Idol Culture through the Prism of Media Theory アイドル/メディア論講義

    Author Kenji Nishi unpacks what constitutes “idol-ness” within a culture where consumers are influenced willy-nilly, whether consciously or not, by the actions of these young stars as mediated by television, social networking sites, magazines, billboards,… … Details

  • “Child’s Play” in Classical Japanese: Manga Edition
    Ichiyo Higuchi / Hatsumi Chigira

    Ichiyō Higuchi (1872–1896), Japan’s first prominent female writer of modern times, made an early debut, with her first work of fiction serialized in a newspaper at the age of 20, and she compiled a legacy… … Details

  • Public Health in a Nuclear Disaster: Message from Fukushima

    This book is an English translation of Genshiryoku saigai no kōshū eisei: Fukushima kara no hasshin, published in 2014 by Nanzando Co., Ltd., and since expanded to include a chapter covering the related activities and… … Details

  • To Africa to Conquer the Locusts
    Koutaro Ould Maeno

    To Africa to Conquer the Locusts バッタを倒しにアフリカへ

    A young Japanese entomologist goes to Mauritania to do battle with pillaging locusts, and in the face of many collateral dangers, lives to tell the tale with a hearty sense of humor. The book became… … Details

  • The First Concert
    Yutaka Sado / Kōshirō Hata

    The First Concert はじめてのオーケストラ

    This title represents the picture-book debut of one of Japan’s best-known orchestra conductors, Yutaka Sado, working in collaboration with the popular picture-book author and illustrator Kōshirō Hata. The book was created in the hope of… … Details

  • Please Take Good Care of My Corpse
    Hiromi Kawakami

    Please Take Good Care of My Corpse ぼくの死体をよろしくたのむ

    In spite of its odd premise, the title work in this collection of 18 short stories instantly captures the reader’s interest and leaves a strong impression at the end. Following her father’s last wishes, narrator… … Details

  • Goodbye, Monsieur
    Shoh Kataoka

    Goodbye, Monsieur さよなら、ムッシュ

    A story of the friendship between a young man with a brain tumor who has only six months to live, and his pet plush-toy koala that not only moves but talks. Seitarō Mori is 27… … Details

  • The Confession of the Sirens
    Shichiri Nakayama

    The Confession of the Sirens セイレーンの懺悔

    The “Afternoon Japan” news show on Teito TV in Tokyo has received a warning from the Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization (BPO) for fabrications and other unjournalistic practices in their reportage, and the program… … Details

  • Goodbye for Today
    Kaori Ishida

    Goodbye for Today きょうの日は、さようなら

    Kyōko lost her mother at the age of five. Her mother had been hospitalized shortly after giving birth to her and then went into long-term care, so Kyōko had never had the chance to be… … Details

  • A Sign in the Stars
    Tomoka Shibasaki

    A Sign in the Stars 星のしるし

    An otherwise mundane narrative lacking in any extraordinary incident sparkles everywhere with the idiosyncratic perspectives author Tomoka Shibasaki brings to the events. It is a work that has much in common with her Akutagawa Prize-winning… … Details

  • Unrequited Love
    Keigo Higashino

    Originally published in 2001, this work took up gender identity disorder as its theme well before the movement for LGBT rights spread around the world. What at first appears to be a simple case of… … Details

  • Honestman
    Tomoyuki Shirai

    Honestman 東京結合人間

    Following a wild and bloody prologue filled with all manner of sordidness and brutality, from—at the mild end—an underage call girl operation to abduction, imprisonment, and repeated rape of the girls and to grisly violence… … Details

  • After Us the Deluge
    Yūsuke Miyauchi

    After Us the Deluge あとは野となれ大和撫子

    This work is a political thriller set in Aralstan, a fictitious Central Asian country that was part of the Soviet Union during the Cold War period. In an improbable twist, a group of young women… … Details

  • Underground Apartments Available Now!
    Kairi Aotsuki

    Underground Apartments Available Now! 地底アパート入居者募集中!

    Author Kairi Aotsuki debuts an all-new, fantastical, light-comedy series set in an extradimensional underground apartment house and featuring a cast of highly distinctive and appealing characters. Kazuha Katsuragi is kicked out of his parents’ home… … Details

  • Visionaries: Phantasnic
    Jin Fukazawa

    Visionaries: Phantasnic 英国幻視の少年たち:ファンタズニック

    This volume raises the curtain on a college-campus fantasy series set in England—the tale of an outgoing Japanese student and an antisocial English youth who learn from each other and gain maturity in the course… … Details

  • Chopin’s Heart
    Mami Aoya

    Chopin’s Heart ショパンの心臓

    Kenta is still trying to find a job after graduating from college. Passing through a shopping district on his way back from an interview, he sees a storefront with a curious sign that says “Odd-Job… … Details