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  • oookickooo’s Best Style Book
    Atsuko Kikuchi

    oookickooo’s Best Style Book oookickooo Best Style Book

    Author Atsuko Kikuchi has established an online presence as a style maven on Instagram and Twitter under the handle oookickooo (pronounced simply “kick”), producing a steady stream of distinctive hand-drawn and hand-lettered illustrations of fashion… … Details

  • The Animal Buses and the Lost Item
    Shiho Kotera

    The Animal Buses and the Lost Item アニマルバスとわすれもの

    The “Funny Animal Bus” characters created and popularized by stationery and fancy goods maker Q-Lia, and subsequently turned into an animation series on Japanese TV, are here adapted to the picture-book form for the first… … Details

  • Mr. Fabre’s Insect Class 2: The Joy of Studying Insects
    Daisaburō Okumoto / Kōhei Yamashita

    Mr. Fabre’s Insect Class 2: The Joy of Studying Insects ファーブル先生の昆虫教室2:昆虫研究の楽しさ

    This is a second volume of translated extracts from French entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre’s Souvenirs entomologiques, which were originally published as installments in a series appearing in the Asahi Newspaper Elementary School Edition between October 2015… … Details

  • Spook Train
    Masatoshi Nakao / Dolly

    Spook Train ようかいでんしゃ

    A young boy of elementary-school age is going on his first long train trip by himself, to visit his grandparents who live in a remote mountain village called Ryūjin. He boards the train as the… … Details

  • The Cat Who Came to the Rescue of Books
    Sōsuke Natsukawa

    The Cat Who Came to the Rescue of Books 本を守ろうとする猫の話

    The story probes the significance and value that books have in life as it traces the adventures of a somewhat introverted teenage boy and a cat in their efforts to rescue books from unfortunate fates.… … Details

  • The Opponent, Miyamoto Musashi
    Masaki Kinoshita

    The Opponent, Miyamoto Musashi 敵の名は、宮本武蔵

    Miyamoto Musashi (d. 1645) was one of the most storied swordsmen of the Edo period (1603–1867); his Gorin no sho (The Book of Five Rings), a discussion of martial arts and military strategy, has even… … Details

  • Lovers by Mail
    Areno Inoue

    Lovers by Mail 綴られる愛人

    A suspenseful love story in which a man and woman who know each other only through letters grow increasingly infatuated with each other, then end up colluding to commit a crime. The story is told… … Details

  • The Quiet Covenant of the Flowers
    Teru Miyamoto

    The Quiet Covenant of the Flowers 草花たちの静かな誓い

    Kikue Alcott, 63, a naturalized U.S. citizen of Japanese descent, dies of a sudden heart attack on April 14, 2013, while bathing in a hot spring during a visit to Japan. Her American husband Ian… … Details

  • Ieyasu Raises a City
    Yoshinobu Kadoi

    Ieyasu Raises a City 家康、江戸を建てる

    This historical novel tells the story of how Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543–1616) built the city of Edo—today’s Tokyo—as the seat of power for the Tokugawa shogunate. Through it, his heirs maintained a “Pax Tokugawa” over a… … Details

  • A Collection of Crime Stories
    Shūichi Yoshida

    Five short crime stories probe the depths of human avarice, revealing the unpredictability and fragility of life with the same acute sensibilities author Shūichi Yoshida brought to such best-selling works as Akunin (tr. Villain) and… … Details

  • How to Make the Most Delicious Seasoned Boiled Egg in the World: 100 Home Recipes for Solo Diners
    Hungry Grizzly

    How to Make the Most Delicious Seasoned Boiled Egg in the World: 100 Home Recipes for Solo Diners 世界一美味しい煮卵の作り方 家メシ食堂 ひとりぶん100レシピ

    This is a book of recipes from “Hungry Grizzly’s Cooking Blog,” which held the top spot in Japanese blog rankings for 26 months straight. The blogger with the nom de plume of Hungry Grizzly declares… … Details

  • Doc Rare-Beast’s Clinic Diary: No Effort Spared to Save a Creature’s Life!
    Ken’ichi Tamukai

    Doc Rare-Beast’s Clinic Diary: No Effort Spared to Save a Creature’s Life! 珍獣ドクターのドタバタ診察日記:動物の命に「まった」なし!

    A veterinary doctor who is passionate about his work recounts his successes and failures—and ponders the nature of life and death for all living creatures. In an era when not just dogs and cats but… … Details

  • Child of the Stars
    Natsuko Imamura

    This story of a girl who grows up in a family that finds comfort in a new religion centers mainly on events when she is a ninth grader, with flashbacks taking the reader to her… … Details

  • The Waxing and Waning of the Moon
    Shōgo Satō

    The story of a love cut short by death—but that then persists over multiple reincarnations. The event that sets everything in motion is an illicit love affair that takes place in the mid-1980s between Ruri… … Details

  • Ora, Ora Be Goin’ Alone
    Chisako Wakatake

    Ora, Ora Be Goin’ Alone おらおらでひとりいぐも

    Universal and eternal truths about human existence emerge in bold relief from the reflections of an elderly widow on what at first glance appears to be an unexceptional life. The Japanese title, which can be… … Details

  • Back of Shadow
    Shinsuke Numata

    Taking place partly in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, this story focuses on characters who feel marginalized in their communities in today’s Japan. Remarkably, first-time author Shinsuke Numata accomplishes the acrobatic feat… … Details

  • Model Village, Taichung
    Ian Hideo Levy

    This is a collection of four stories by American-born author Ian Hideo Levy, who now makes his home in Japan and writes fiction in Japanese. The title work is a thrilling and captivating account of… … Details

  • Tracks in the Ice
    Shino Sakuragi

    An elderly man’s body is discovered on a beach in the eastern Hokkaido port city of Kushiro, and the investigation begins with few useful clues to go on. The tale proceeds from there in the… … Details

  • Proofreader Girl
    Ayako Miyagi

    Proofreader Girl 校閲ガール

    A volume of linked stories featuring a young woman who works in the Proofreading Department at a major publishing house. Our heroine is the 24-year-old Etsuko Kōno. It is now two years since she joined… … Details

  • America: The End of the Experiment
    Yūsuke Miyauchi

    America: The End of the Experiment アメリカ最後の実験

    This tale of a young Japanese pianist competing for entry into a famous music school in the United States is crossed with the mystery of his missing father and told in a hard-boiled style that… … Details