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  • Letterpress Print Shop Mikazuki-dō: Star Bookmarks
    Sanae Hoshio

    Letterpress Print Shop Mikazuki-dō: Star Bookmarks 活版印刷三日月堂 星たちの栞

    Four linked tales centering on an old-fashioned letterpress print shop called Mikazuki-dō tell the stories of customers who find solace for their personal difficulties in the print jobs they come in to request. It is… … Details

  • Why Three-Star Restaurants So Rarely Have Women Chefs
    Arata Samon

    Why Three-Star Restaurants So Rarely Have Women Chefs 三つ星レストランには、なぜ女性シェフがいないのか

    A pediatrician with an advanced degree from the Harvard School of Public Health and experience in premature birth medicine discusses evolutionary differences between the sexes from a medical perspective. Observing that the chefs at three-star… … Details

  • Passion for Work
    Eriko Horiki

    Passion for Work 挑戦のススメ

    From her collaboration with Baccarat in France to her work in New York, Milan, Frankfurt, and Paris, a prominent artisan of Japanese washi paper shares her secrets for finding pleasure and inspiration in work. Addressing… … Details

  • 80 Rules For Elegance
    Emiko Katō

    80 Rules For Elegance 淑女に見える気品のルール

    In a handy guide that’s divided into chapters by theme for easy reference, prolific author Emiko Katō offers a variety of advice on how to move through life’s vicissitudes with elegance and grace. Applying just… … Details

  • Wisdom from the Guardian Deity of Children
    Sarasa Yoshida

    Wisdom from the Guardian Deity of Children 明日がちょっと幸せになる お地蔵さまのことば

    Anyone who has traveled in Japan has likely come across the small stone statues at temples and graveyards, as well as by roadsides, known as Ojizo-sama, the guardian deity of children and one of the… … Details

  • Kayanoya Dashi Recipes
    Emiko Yashiro

    Kayanoya Dashi Recipes かんたんに極上の味わい 茅乃舎だしで毎日ごちそう

    Dashi is the backbone of Japanese cooking. Though there are many variations, it is generally a light stock made from kelp and dried fish such as bonito or sardines. Introducing 85 recipes using the Kayanoya… … Details

  • The Day Our Factory Surpassed NASA
    Tsutomu Uematsu

    The Day Our Factory Surpassed NASA NASAより宇宙に近い町工場

    There is a small factory, located in the northernmost part of Japan, whose technical capabilities have earned the high regard of NASA. Embodying the passion with which the workers there have pursued their dream, this… … Details

  • Handworks in Kyoto: Kyoto Encounters

    Handworks in Kyoto: Kyoto Encounters 京都 手仕事帖―京のめぐりあい

    This volume belongs to a series of Kyoto travel guides written from the perspective of residents and intended to give visitors a taste of the city as the locals know it. The subject this time… … Details

  • Judgement
    Yuka Kobayashi

    Judgement ジャッジメント

    The maximum penalty under Japanese law is death. As in other countries with the death penalty, there are those who argue for its abolishment, but numerous surveys have shown that they are greatly outnumbered by… … Details

  • Big Data Connect
    Taiyō Fujii

    Big Data Connect ビッグデータ・コネクト

    Cybercrimes that take advantage of the global connectivity provided by computers, smartphones, and the Internet are on the rise. Focusing on an investigator in a specialized cybercrime unit, this suspense novel is a new kind… … Details

  • Awful Voice
    Shinji Ishii

    This ambitious work of literary fiction uses the motifs of voice and music as well as such natural imagery as moss, water, mushroom spores, and towering trees to trace the history of the earth. The… … Details

  • Jakuchū
    Tōko Sawada

    Jakuchū 若冲

    Japanese painter Itō Jakuchū (1716–1800) is known for his wondrously meticulous brushwork in pieces that blend realism with imagination. Although he was largely forgotten for a time, a major retrospective mounted in the year 2000… … Details

  • 3D Animal Puzzles
    Kōji Ishikawa

    3D Animal Puzzles どうぶつくみたてパズル

    Kōji Ishikawa is the author of the hugely popular Katanuki ehon (What Am I? Cutout Picture Books) series in which turning a page with one or more special cutouts completes the picture and answers the… … Details

  • I Have a Complaint
    Shinsuke Yoshitake

    I Have a Complaint ふまんがあります

    This is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to author Shinsuke Yoshitake’s wacky Riyū ga arimasu (I Have a Reason), in which the child justifies his nose-picking, nail-biting, and other bad habits by coming up with imaginative… … Details

  • I Have a Reason
    Shinsuke Yoshitake

    I Have a Reason りゆうがあります

    The popular author of Ringo kamo shirenai (It Might Be an Apple) here takes up the subject of undesirable habits—picking one’s nose, biting one’s nails, jiggling one’s knee, and the like. Although these are the… … Details

  • Spirit Odyssey via Brazil
    Kikuko Tsumura

    Spirit Odyssey via Brazil 浮遊霊ブラジル

    The opening work in this collection of seven stories, Kyūsuitō to kame (The Water Tower and the Turtle), was awarded the Kawabata Yasunari Prize for the year’s best short story in 2013. In the title… … Details

  • The Light Shines Only There
    Yasushi Satō

    The Light Shines Only There そこのみにて光輝く

    This is the only full-length novel produced by author Yasushi Satō, who took his own life in 1990 at the age of 41, and whose work began undergoing a broad reevaluation nearly two decades later… … Details

  • And Your Bird Can Sing
    Yasushi Satō

    And Your Bird Can Sing きみの鳥はうたえる

    Shortlisted for the prestigious Akutagawa Prize when it was first published, this work has returned to the limelight nearly 20 years after author Yasushi Satō’s death and is now slated to be made into a… … Details

  • Puddle
    Maho Tonouchi

    Puddle みずたまり

    A kindergarten boy named Fuku goes outside after some rain and finds a big puddle of water in front of his house. He sloshes into it with his rubber boots and is splashing around when… … Details

  • The Little Black Bear’s Neckerchief
    Yukiko Kobayashi

    The Little Black Bear’s Neckerchief くろくまくんのスカーフ

    This is a sequel to Kurokuma-kun no pankēki (Pancakes with the Little Black Bears) featuring the three bear brothers Kooi, Koof, and Koos.? One day when the three bears get back from a walk in… … Details