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  • A World Connected by Carpets: How Carpets from India Found Their Way into Kyoto’s Gion Festival
    Yumiko Kamada

    The highlight of Kyoto’s annual Gion Festival each July is a parade featuring 33 floats known as yamaboko (or yamahoko). The floats variously display decorative halberds and poles or famous personages, and many of them… … Details

  • Japanese Desserts for Beginners

    Japanese Desserts for Beginners はじめてでもおいしく作れる和のお菓子

    This cookbook offers easy-to-prepare recipes for traditional Japanese wagashi desserts that remain as popular today as ever, such as hearty dorayaki gong cake and fragrant sakuramochi sweet rice cake wrapped in a salted cherry leaf.… … Details

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    Tomohiro Odaka

    The study of artificial intelligence (AI) began in the 1950s, not long after the world’s first computer became operational. Now, in the 21st century, computers with previously unimaginable levels of processing power are beginning to… … Details

  • Yoga Therapy for Everyone
    Masanori Niimi

    Yoga Therapy for Everyone メディカルヨガ 誰でもできる基本のポーズ

    Maintaining good health or recovering from an illness calls for attending carefully to the needs of your body. Therapeutic yoga is hereby recommended as an efficacious addition to your tool chest. The book divides yoga… … Details

  • Cancer Therapy Kanpō Medicine Flowcharts: For Supplementary Treatment and Reduction of Side Effects
    Masanori Niimi

    Cancer Therapy Kanpō Medicine Flowcharts: For Supplementary Treatment and Reduction of Side Effects フローチャートがん漢方薬―サポート医療・副作用軽減・緩和に

    More cancers are becoming treatable as treatments have seen dramatic advances in recent years. Even so, being diagnosed with cancer takes a tremendous physical and psychological toll on a patient. Among the greatest concerns are… … Details

  • The Diversity of Sexual Systems in Marine Organisms: A Mathematical Approach (Kyoritsu Smart Selection 1)
    Sachi Yamaguchi

    The Diversity of Sexual Systems in Marine Organisms: A Mathematical Approach (Kyoritsu Smart Selection 1) 海の生き物はなぜ多様な性を示すのか: 数学で解き明かす謎(共立スマートセレクション①)

    Although author Sachi Yamaguchi grew up in landlocked Nara Prefecture, a seaside seminar she took in college piqued her curiosity about how oceanic life evolved to be so remarkably diverse. This inspired her to go… … Details

  • Sumo Referees: Ceremonial Fans and Succession
    Hiromi Nema

    Sumo Referees: Ceremonial Fans and Succession 大相撲立行司の軍配と空位

    This collection of seven academic studies on the Japanese national sport of sumo includes analyses of the shapes and tassel colors of the ceremonial gunbai fans used by the gyōji referees to indicate the winner… … Details

  • Sumo
    Yoshitaka Tsuchiya

    Sumo 相撲

    Sumo was long loved by the Japanese people as an entertainment akin to Kabuki before being designated a sport during the Meiji period (1868–1912), and the Japanese language has many idiomatic expressions that originated in… … Details

  • Color Atlas of Exotic Animals: Reptiles and Amphibians
    Shinkichi Tsuruno

    Color Atlas of Exotic Animals: Reptiles and Amphibians カラーアトラスエキゾチックアニマル:爬虫類・両生類編

    Two experts in the field offer comprehensive information about the keeping of reptiles (turtles, lizards, snakes, chameleons) and amphibians (newts, salamanders, frogs) as pets, illustrating their descriptions and commentary with more than 2,200 full-color photos.… … Details

  • Everything You Need to Know about Trimming Your Poodle
    Kōichi Kaneko

    Everything You Need to Know about Trimming Your Poodle プードル・トリミングの教科書

    This how-to guide by a leading expert focuses specifically on the grooming and clipping of poodles. Author Kōichi Kaneko achieves balanced, stylish cuts with his own distinctive method that avoids sharp edges to achieve flowing… … Details

  • All About Yakuzen-Cha
    Nami Tatsumi

    All About Yakuzen-Cha 薬膳茶のすべて

    Yakuzen is a Japanese term that refers to food prepared according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Food ingredients and medicinal herbs are combined to provide both balanced nutrition and a targeted therapeutic benefit.… … Details

  • Southwestern Silk Road
    Hideyuki Takano

    Southwestern Silk Road 西南シルクロードは密林に消える

    A “nonfiction entertainment” in which author Hideyuki Takano travels the so-called “Southwestern Silk Road” from the city of Chengdu in the central Chinese province of Sichuan through northern Myanmar and into India. The Silk Road… … Details

  • What’s the Attraction, Insects?
    Tomoko Ohmura (Tomoko Ōmura)

    What’s the Attraction, Insects? むしさん なんの ぎょうれつ?

    This is the fourth in a popular series of picture books that began with Nan no gyōretsu? (tr. The Long, Long Line), in which 50 animals line up from large to small without really knowing… … Details

  • Rag Tag Wrestlers
    Masatoshi Nakao / Masanori Inui

    Rag Tag Wrestlers ぞうきんレスラー

    Cara the Flowery Towel has been touring as a pop idol. But one day a gang of dustballs who love nothing better than to make things dirty crash her performance and throw mud bombs at… … Details

  • Poko the Fish Owl
    Kageki Shimoda / Seigo Kijima

    Poko the Fish Owl シマフクロウのぽこ

    Representing wildlife in this picture book addressing the question of how they and humans can coexist is the eponymous species of bird known in full as “Blakiston’s fish owl.” The central character is an elementary-aged… … Details

  • Chorus of Cicadas
    Shūhei Fujisawa

    Chorus of Cicadas 蝉しぐれ

    Even 20 years after his death, Shūhei Fujisawa remains one of Japan’s most popular authors of fiction set in the Edo period (1603–1867), with many of his titles continuing to enjoy strong sales today. This… … Details

  • Tea for the Grandees
    Jun Itō

    Tea for the Grandees 天下人の茶

    Medieval Japan endured an extended period of fragmentation when warring feudal domains were vying fiercely with one another to expand their territory, before the hegemonic ambitions of Oda Nobunaga (1534–82), Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537–98), and finally… … Details

  • Silent Breath
    Kyōko Minami

    Silent Breath サイレント・ブレス

    This novel follows the footsteps of a doctor who works for a health clinic serving terminally ill patients who wish to die in their own homes rather than in an institutional setting. Although surveys indicate… … Details

  • Marriage
    Areno Inoue

    Marriage 結婚

    This novel pays homage to the 1982 novel of the same title written by Mitsuharu Inoue, author Areno Inoue’s father. It revisits the subject of love fraud taken up in the earlier work, examining it… … Details

  • Creating Subaltern Counterpublics: Korean Women in Japan and Their Struggle for Night School
    Akwi Seo

    In this multilayered research, Akwi Seo provides a subtle and theoretically sophisticated exploration of Zainichi Korean women’s activism around their access to literacy, education, and social services. She shows how these activists developed new subjectivities,… … Details