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  • Awful Voice
    Shinji Ishii

    This ambitious work of literary fiction uses the motifs of voice and music as well as such natural imagery as moss, water, mushroom spores, and towering trees to trace the history of the earth. The… … Details

  • Jakuchū
    Tōko Sawada

    Jakuchū 若冲

    Japanese painter Itō Jakuchū (1716–1800) is known for his wondrously meticulous brushwork in pieces that blend realism with imagination. Although he was largely forgotten for a time, a major retrospective mounted in the year 2000… … Details

  • 3D Animal Puzzles
    Kōji Ishikawa

    3D Animal Puzzles どうぶつくみたてパズル

    Kōji Ishikawa is the author of the hugely popular Katanuki ehon (What Am I? Cutout Picture Books) series in which turning a page with one or more special cutouts completes the picture and answers the… … Details

  • I Have a Complaint
    Shinsuke Yoshitake

    I Have a Complaint ふまんがあります

    This is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to author Shinsuke Yoshitake’s wacky Riyū ga arimasu (I Have a Reason), in which the child justifies his nose-picking, nail-biting, and other bad habits by coming up with imaginative… … Details

  • I Have a Reason
    Shinsuke Yoshitake

    I Have a Reason りゆうがあります

    The popular author of Ringo kamo shirenai (It Might Be an Apple) here takes up the subject of undesirable habits—picking one’s nose, biting one’s nails, jiggling one’s knee, and the like. Although these are the… … Details

  • Spirit Odyssey via Brazil
    Kikuko Tsumura

    Spirit Odyssey via Brazil 浮遊霊ブラジル

    The opening work in this collection of seven stories, Kyūsuitō to kame (The Water Tower and the Turtle), was awarded the Kawabata Yasunari Prize for the year’s best short story in 2013. In the title… … Details

  • The Light Shines Only There
    Yasushi Satō

    The Light Shines Only There そこのみにて光輝く

    This is the only full-length novel produced by author Yasushi Satō, who took his own life in 1990 at the age of 41, and whose work began undergoing a broad reevaluation nearly two decades later… … Details

  • And Your Bird Can Sing
    Yasushi Satō

    And Your Bird Can Sing きみの鳥はうたえる

    Shortlisted for the prestigious Akutagawa Prize when it was first published, this work has returned to the limelight nearly 20 years after author Yasushi Satō’s death and is now slated to be made into a… … Details

  • Puddle
    Maho Tonouchi

    Puddle みずたまり

    A kindergarten boy named Fuku goes outside after some rain and finds a big puddle of water in front of his house. He sloshes into it with his rubber boots and is splashing around when… … Details

  • The Little Black Bear’s Neckerchief
    Yukiko Kobayashi

    The Little Black Bear’s Neckerchief くろくまくんのスカーフ

    This is a sequel to Kurokuma-kun no pankēki (Pancakes with the Little Black Bears) featuring the three bear brothers Kooi, Koof, and Koos.? One day when the three bears get back from a walk in… … Details

  • Good Contest!!
    Mayuko Kishira

    Good Contest!! しょうぶだ!!

    The satisfaction of a hard-fought contest is portrayed in a humorous way. A cow who’s so weak, a hare who’s so slow, and a pig who’s so skinny that no other cow or hare or… … Details

  • The Greedy Wolf
    Mayuko Kishira

    The Greedy Wolf よくばりおおかみ

    A hungry wolf comes to Sheep Park intending to catch himself some dinner. He climbs into a tree where he has a good view of the area and begins assessing the situation with his telescope.… … Details

  • Stars
    Shino Sakuragi

    Stars 星々たち

    From nine tales that portray the varied lives of a swath of people living on the northern island of Hokkaido?a bargirl, a woman who takes in piecework, a strip dancer, a middle-aged civil servant, a… … Details

  • Tokyo Laundering
    Hika Harada Tokyo Laundering 失踪.com 東京ロンダリング

    This is a sequel to Tōkyō rondaringu (Tokyo Laundering), author Hika Harada’s 2011 novel that won acclaim for its compelling treatment of how real-estate agents “launder” properties tainted by unnatural deaths or other stigmatizing incidents.… … Details

  • Tokyo Laundering
    Hika Harada

    Tokyo Laundering 東京ロンダリング

    Protagonist Risako Uchida, 32, rents a room in an aging wood-frame apartment house in Tokyo, and the story begins with someone pounding relentlessly on her door at 1:30 in the middle of the night. It’s… … Details

  • Twelve Munchkins in the Forest
    Hiroaki Hara & Birthday

    Twelve Munchkins in the Forest こびとの森の12にん

    Ruby is a little munchkin who lives in the forest with Big Mama, who loves to cook, Little Papa, who’s good with his hands, and her nine little munchkin brothers and sisters. The munchkins are… … Details

  • Adventure! Discovery! Spectacular Mazes: The Legend of Magicalune
    Hiroaki Hara & Birthday

    This is one of 14 volumes to date in the Bōken! Hakken! Dai-meiro! (Adventure! Discovery! Spectacular Mazes) series of books that call for readers to solve mazes and hidden-picture puzzles as part of a fanciful… … Details

  • What We Become When Baby Comes
    Kanayo Sugiyama

    What We Become When Baby Comes あかちゃんが うまれたら なるなる なんに なる?

    A little girl who has a new baby brother enumerates all the things she and her parents “become” as a result, beginning with “I become a big sister.” Her mother “becomes me and the baby’s… … Details

  • My Hat
    Yōko Sano

    My Hat わたしのぼうし

    A little girl of about kindergarten age narrates this story. She has a white hat with a red flower on it. Her brother, a year or two older, has a white hat with a blue… … Details

  • Night Boat
    Haruo Yamashita / Ken Kuroi

    Night Boat よるのふね

    After supper, Papa goes out onto the upstairs balcony to smoke. He’s still out there in the dark when a small earthquake hits, and little Misaki takes a penlight with her to check on him.… … Details