English Presentation Skills for Japanese Scientists

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English Presentation Skills for Japanese Scientists
Author: Philip Hawke
Co-Author(s): Robert F. Whittier
Specifications: ISBN  978-4758108423
207 pages
18.2 x 25.7 cm / 7.2 x 10.2 in (WxH)
Category: Academic & Science
Publisher: Yodosha Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, 2011
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Two native-English speakers teaching at Japanese graduate institutions lay out everything a Japanese scientist needs to know about presenting an academic paper in English for the first time, whether within his or her own university or at an academic conference. In this one comprehensive volume, authors Philip Hawke and Robert F. Whittier lead readers by the hand through writing the script, designing PowerPoint slides, practicing pronunciation and gestures, and preparing for the question and answer session—all the skills they will need in order to present their work effectively to their international peers.

This ultimate handbook of English presentations is illustrated copiously with example slides and photos of gestures and other body language, and is chock-full of example sentences, a detailed checklist for evaluating one’s preparedness, and numerous tips and tidbits of information well worth knowing. A video of a model presentation is available under “Online Supplemental Data” at www.yodosha.co.jp/yodobook/book/9784758108423.