Symbiotic Microorganisms (Dojin Bioscience Series 27)

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Symbiotic Microorganisms (Dojin Bioscience Series 27)
Specifications: ISBN  978-4759817287
216 pages
18.3 x 25.8 cm / 7.3 x 10.3 in (WxH)
Category: Academic & Science
Publisher: Kagaku-Dojin Publishing Co., Inc.
Kyoto, 2016
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Bacteria inhabit all corners of the Earth and form complex symbiotic systems based on a variety of interactions. Systems within living organisms are no exception, such as the outer surface or intestinal tract of an animal, or the rhizosphere or root nodules of a plant. Symbiotic bacteria and their hosts mutually influence one another, in some cases forming inseparable relationships through coevolution. This ambitious title spans everything from the fundamentals to the latest discoveries concerning symbiotic bacteria. It is an invaluable compendium on symbiosis between microorganisms and mammals, insects, aquatic life, and plants.

About the Editor
Hiroshi Ohno (1958-), MD, PhD, was born in Tokyo and completed his doctorate in 1991 at the Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba University. He subsequently held faculty positions as an assistant and as an associate professor at Chiba University, and later became a professor at the Cancer Research Institute of Kanazawa University. In 2013 he became Group Director at the Riken Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, and has held visiting professorships at Yokohama City University and Chiba University. His field of specialization is intestinal immunology.