A History of Industrial Management in East Germany

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A History of Industrial Management in East Germany
Author: Kin’ya Shirakawa
Specifications: ISBN  978-4861632730
412 pages
14.8 x 21.0 cm / 5.9 x 8.4 in (WxH)
Category: Academic & Science
Publisher: Hokkaido University Press
Sapporo, 2017
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This volume positions the history of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) as part of modern German history, analyzing the GDR’s manufacturing structure and how it changed over time. It surveys the period from when the GDR was first established until it was reunified with West Germany, throwing light on the evolving management techniques of East German state-owned enterprises, especially major industrial enterprises, by examining nationalization, central planning, and state control of industry in terms of both their theoretical underpinnings and their practical application. Noting continuities from the prewar period, author Kin’ya Shirakawa also compares the GDR with the postwar history of other nations whose economies were advancing at the same time. Making extensive use of primary sources as well as the secondary literature from the 1950s, Shirakawa traces the 45-year history of the GDR, including the period of Soviet occupation, in chronological fashion.