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  • Mama Killed Him
    Areno Inoue

    Mama Killed Him ママがやった

    Why did Momoko, 79, kill her husband Takuto, 72, after a marriage of more than 50 years? Eight linked stories reflect on a half century in the life of their family as readers ponder the… … Details

  • Savage Homes: Parents Who Kill Their Children
    Kōta Ishii

    Savage Homes: Parents Who Kill Their Children 「鬼畜」の家:わが子を殺す親たち

    This book throws light on the social ill of child abuse through a close examination of three cases of murder that rocked the Japanese media between 2007 and 2014. The basic details of each case… … Details

  • It’s the Uncontrollables That Make Us You and Me
    Ryō Asai

    It’s the Uncontrollables That Make Us You and Me ままならないから私とあなた

    The first of the two novellas in this volume, Rentaru sekai (Rent-a-World), is narrated by 28-year-old office worker Yūta, who attends a colleague’s wedding and falls in love at first sight with one of the… … Details

  • Ten Meters Shy of the Truth
    Honobu Yonezawa

    Ten Meters Shy of the Truth 真実の一〇メートル手前

    A collection of puzzlers featuring journalist Machi Tachiarai, who was first introduced to mystery lovers in the best-selling novel Ō to sākasu (Kings and Circuses). The six stories included in this volume are variously set… … Details

  • There’s No Easy Job in This World
    Kikuko Tsumura

    There’s No Easy Job in This World この世にたやすい仕事はない

    The first-person narrator, a woman in her mid-thirties who quit her previous job after experiencing symptoms of burnout, tries out five unusual workplaces one after the other for one month at a time. Each receives… … Details

  • Guernica Under Cover
    Maha Harada

    Guernica Under Cover 暗幕のゲルニカ

    Bearing a reproduction of Pablo Picasso’s masterwork Guernica on its cover, this novel weaves a tale of suspense around the temporary return of the painting to its longtime home in New York, the Museum of… … Details

  • Means of Effacement: In Search of a Nameless Poet
    Toshiyuki Horie

    The first-person narrator, who appears to be a stand-in for the author himself, is studying abroad in France when he happens upon an old picture postcard written and sent before World War II with what… … Details

  • The Eccentric Family: The Son Returns
    Tomihiko Morimi

    The Eccentric Family: The Son Returns 有頂天家族 二代目の帰朝

    This is the long awaited sequel to the best-selling comic novel?Uchōten kazoku?(The Eccentric Family), set in modern-day Kyoto and centering on the rivalry between two clans of tanuki raccoon dogs, which in Japanese folklore are… … Details

  • Indigo Rain: The Collectors
    Risako Asano

    Indigo Rain: The Collectors 藍の雨 蒐集者たち

    Tōka Hiryū’s father, a collector of and dealer in antiques, was murdered five years ago during business talks at his vacation home in Karuizawa. The beautiful and talented Tōka once traveled the globe as an… … Details

  • Who the Hell Am I?
    Ryō Asai

    This volume offers six prequels and sequels to author Ryō Asai’s 2012 novel Nanimono (Somebody), which won the Naoki Prize, became a bestseller, and was adapted to the big screen. The stories add new depth… … Details

  • Tokyo Year Zero
    Jirō Akagawa

    Tokyo Year Zero 東京零年

    This dystopian, near-future novel, reminiscent in some ways of George Orwell’s?1984, poses numerous questions about the direction in which Japan’s current political regime is taking the country. At the center of the action is Shigeharu… … Details

  • The Sun Also Falls into a Faint
    Yūzaburō Otokawa

    The Sun Also Falls into a Faint 太陽は気を失う

    Based on the Chinese sexagenary cycle, Japanese custom has long considered a person’s 60th year to be a special one, marking the completion of one full life cycle and the gateway to one’s retirement years.… … Details

  • The Eccentric Family
    Tomihiko Morimi

    The Eccentric Family 有頂天家族

    Set in modern-day Kyoto, this comic novel centers on the rivalry between two clans of tanuki raccoon dogs, which in Japanese folklore are endowed with the ability to transform themselves into anything they wish. The… … Details

  • Floating
    Tetsuo Takashima

    Floating 浮遊

    A tale of suspense based on the famous “brain in a vat” scenario used in thought experiments in philosophy. As formulated by American philosopher Hilary Putnam, the basic scenario is of a disembodied human brain… … Details

  • Armed with Skillets
    Nowaki Fukamidori

    Armed with Skillets 戦場のコックたち

    In the latter stages of the fight against Nazi Germany during World War II, a young American soldier joins forces with a buddy to solve several puzzling mysteries that crop up between the ferociously fought… … Details

  • Into the Logos
    Yūzaburō Otokawa

    Into the Logos ロゴスの市

    Translating a literary work requires a precise grasp of not only the language and style of the original but its entire worldview, along with a command of the target language that allows the translator to… … Details

  • A Steak in Shitamachi
    Yōko Hiramatsu / Jirō Taniguchi

    A Steak in Shitamachi ステーキを下町で

    Following Sandouitchi wa Ginza de (Sandwiches on the Ginza), this is a second collection of food-and-culture essays that first appeared in the literary magazine All yomimono. As in the earlier volume, author Yōko Hiramatsu travels… … Details

  • Sandwiches on the Ginza
    Yōko Hiramatsu / Jirō Taniguchi

    Sandwiches on the Ginza サンドウィッチは銀座で

    Author Yōko Hiramatsu is known for her essays on the culture of food and dining. Here she writes about her travels not only around Tokyo but all over Japan, taking readers along with her to… … Details

  • The Barbershop by the Sea
    Hiroshi Ogiwara

    The Barbershop by the Sea 海の見える理髪店

    A collection of six stories linked by the common theme of family bonds?the strong and unbreakable ties between father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife. The title story is set in a barbershop… … Details

  • Held Accountable
    Shun Ioka

    A character of unregenerate evil who has always managed to avoid accountability for his crimes finally gets his comeuppance in this perfect exemplar of the crime thriller. Two distantly related boys who originally meet as… … Details