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  • The Maidens’ Betrayal
    Akiko Akazome

    The "maidens" of this novella are the all-female students of a German speaking class taught by a male instructor, Professor Bachmann, at a foreign studies university in Kyoto. The class is preparing for a speech… … Details

  • Decision: Cover-Up Investigation 2
    Bin Konno

    Forty-six-year-old Shin'ya Ryuzaki, an elite University of Tokyo-educated police bureaucrat, is bumped down to chief of Tokyo's Omori police station after his son is caught doing drugs. But no sooner does Ryuzaki assume his post… … Details

  • Kikotowa
    Mariko Asabuki

    Kikotowa きことわ

    The title merges the names of the women protagonists, Kiko and Towako, who first meet as children in Hayama, a quiet seaside resort near Tokyo. Kiko is the daughter of Haruko, who owns an old… … Details

  • The Little House
    Kyōko Nakajima

    The Little House 小さいおうち

    A little house with a red gabled roof on a suburban Tokyo hilltop is the setting of this novel, which unfolds in the period from the early 1930s to Japan's defeat in World War II.… … Details

  • Heron and Snow
    Kaoru Kitamura

    This is the third in the "Becky-san" series starring the detective duo Eiko Hanamura, a company president's daughter attending the elite Gakushuin Girls' School, and her female chauffeur, Bekku, known as Becky. The three stories… … Details

  • The Mourner
    Arata Tendō

    The Mourner 悼む人

    This novel traces six months in the life of 32-year-old Shizuto Sakatsuki, who wanders Japan mourning the deaths of accident and crime victims he runs across in newspapers and other sources. Shizuto had been a… … Details

  • To the Mine Face
    Areno Inoue

    A mine face is the surface from which ore drilling takes place?in other words the end of the tunnel, the point of greatest resistance. This novel portrays one year in the life of a married… … Details

  • Labor Train
    Kenta Nishimura

    Labor Train 苦役列車

    "I don't have any friends . . . I hope that readers will feel redeemed knowing there's someone out there even more pathetic than they are." So said the author about the title novella at… … Details

  • Downtown Rocket
    Jun Ikeido

    Downtown Rocket 下町ロケット

    Kohei Tsukuda heads Tsukuda Manufacturing, a developer of small engines in a corner of Tokyo. Although once a researcher of hydrogen rocket engines at the nationally sponsored Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, he had resigned over… … Details