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  • Kings and Circuses
    Honobu Yonezawa

    Kings and Circuses 王とサーカス

    The story begins in the early dawn of June 1, 2001, when Machi Tachiarai, 28, wakes up to the sound of someone praying outside and is momentarily disoriented. She is in an inexpensive travelers’ inn… … Details

  • Those Who Are Not Dead
    Yūshō Takiguchi

    Those Who Are Not Dead 死んでいない者

    A large extended family gathers for the funeral of the patriarch, who has died at the age of 85. The action centers on a wake held the night before at a country meetinghouse near the… … Details

  • “What If?” Illustrated Guides: Ninja Training Manual
    Yūji Yamada

    “What If?” Illustrated Guides: Ninja Training Manual 「もしも?」の図鑑:忍者修業マニュアル

    The “What If?” Illustrated Guides series takes up topics that are mainly of interest to readers of elementary- and middle-school age, examining each subject from every imaginable angle and presenting information in ways that are both entertaining… … Details

  • Crossing the Literary Depths
    Kenzaburō Ōe

    Crossing the Literary Depths 文学の淵を渡る

    This volume compiles a series of five conversations between two Japanese literary giants who remain active and outspoken on a variety of social issues as they approach their 80th birthdays. Kenzaburō Ōe is two years… … Details

  • The Lightless Sea
    Kazufumi Shiraishi

    The Lightless Sea 光のない海

    A man at a crossroads in his life reflects on his past and the choices he has made while desperately seeking a ray of hope for the future. For the last ten years, 50-year-old Shūichirō… … Details

  • The Monad Realm
    Yasutaka Tsutsui

    The Monad Realm モナドの領域

    An entertaining as well as highly intellectual and philosophical novel in which an intelligent being claiming to be greater than God appears. With a long and distinguished career as a novelist and short-story writer behind… … Details

  • To Take a Wife
    Bunpei Aoyama

    To Take a Wife つまをめとらば

    Six short stories set in feudal Japan portray men of the samurai class and their relationships with women. The title story centers on two men, Shōgo and Teijirō, who grew up together in samurai families,… … Details

  • Plage
    Tetsuya Honda

    Plage プラージュ

    This suspense novel focuses on a group of men and women who bear social ostracism as a result of missteps in their past that left them with a criminal record. Worn down by the demands… … Details

  • The Temple Bell
    Yoshikichi Furui

    The Temple Bell 鐘の渡り

    A collection of eight linked stories in which a writer in his mid-seventies?the first-person narrator who appears to be author Yoshikichi Furui’s double?ruminates over what he encounters in the course of his days. All but… … Details

  • Prime Minister A
    Shinya Tanaka

    In this political fable reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984, protagonist and first-person narrator “T” is an author in his late thirties. In part because he’s out of ideas for stories, he decides to make a… … Details

  • India Crystal
    Setsuko Shinoda

    India Crystal インドクリスタル

    Set in a remote village in India, this is the story of a Japanese businessman who seeks to gain a supply of the natural crystals required for his small manufacturing business. He is rescued repeatedly… … Details

  • Winter Light
    Setsuko Shinoda

    Winter Light 冬の光

    Yasuhiro Tomioka was a baby-boomer, born in 1949. Like many of his generation he was a student activist in college, but upon graduation he went to work for a major heavy industry manufacturer with a… … Details

  • Chianki
    Tatsuya Mori

    Chianki チャンキ

    In a Japan of the near future, an irreversibly fatal disease of unknown cause has become epidemic and the country faces an existential threat. It is 2033. For the last 20 years or so, a… … Details

  • The Book of 300 Treacherous Women
    Hideo Furukawa

    The Book of 300 Treacherous Women 女たち三百人の裏切りの書

    The Tale of Genji, written just over a thousand years ago, has been called the world’s “oldest modern novel.” The work is attributed to Murasaki Shikibu (or Lady Murasaki), a noblewoman from the late 10th… … Details

  • The Strange Love of Fitter X
    Asako Hiruta

    The Strange Love of Fitter X フィッターXの異常な愛情

    A highly diverting romantic comedy in eight parts, centered on an upscale lingerie boutique and the expert male fitter who knows better than his customers how the undergirding makes the woman. Satsuko Kunieda, 32, is… … Details

  • Sparks
    Naoki Matayoshi

    Sparks 火花

    Centering on two struggling comedians, this fictional work by a highly regarded performer examines the artist’s life and the nature of humor in a manner that is at once philosophical and entertaining. Narrator Tokunaga joined… … Details

  • Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Yūshō Takiguchi

    Jimi Hendrix Experience ジミ・ヘンドリクス・エクスペリエンス

    A mid-length work in which 33-year-old Ippei remembers the events of an aimless road trip he made on a used 50 cc motorbike when he was a freshman in college. It was 14 years ago,… … Details

  • The Shrike Screams at Night
    Gō Ōsaka

    In this masterwork of hardboiled suspense, an exquisitely wrought plot keeps readers guessing all the way to the jaw-dropping reveal. A bomb goes off in Tokyo’s busy Shinjuku district, injuring 21 and killing two. One… … Details

  • The Y Tree
    Noboru Tsujihara

    The Y Tree Yの木

    This volume contains one mid-length and three short works of literary fiction. A well-rounded collection by a seasoned writer, it addresses a wide variety of themes from distinctive angles and with penetrating insights. The mid-length… … Details

  • Mist
    Shino Sakuragi

    Mist 霧 ウラル

    The story is set in the eastern Hokkaidō city of Nemuro, where the “Northern Territories”?the southernmost of the Kuril Islands, whose possession continues to be under dispute ever since they were occupied by the Soviet… … Details