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  • “What If?” Illustrated Guides: The Endangered Species Rescue-Court Files
    Masato Ōbuchi

    “What If?” Illustrated Guides: The Endangered Species Rescue-Court Files 「もしも?」の図鑑:絶滅危惧種救出裁判ファイル

    This is another volume in the series of “What If?” Illustrated Guides. Taking up topics of interest to readers of elementary- and middle-school age and presenting information in ways that are both entertaining and educational,… … Details

  • A Forest of Wool and Steel
    Natsu Miyashita

    Filled with precise and richly sensuous detail about both piano playing and tuning, this novel portrays the psychological coming of age of a young man who has decided to pursue a career as a piano… … Details

  • Downtown Rocket 2: The Gaudi Project
    Jun Ikeido

    Downtown Rocket 2: The Gaudi Project 下町ロケット2 ガウディ計画

    This is a sequel to Jun Ikeido’s Naoki Prize-winning business novel Shitamachi roketto (Downtown Rocket), centering on a small precision machinery manufacturing company run by Kōhei Tsukuda in the old merchant-class district of Tokyo. In… … Details

  • The House Where the Mermaid Sleeps
    Keigo Higashino

    An author better known for his best-selling detective stories tones down the suspense and mystery to bring readers a thought-provoking novel about the dividing line between life and death. The story centers on a family… … Details

  • Unable to Speak Their Names
    Akari Itō

    Unable to Speak Their Names 名前も呼べない

    The two medium-length works of literary fiction in this volume center on women who are the product of broken homes in childhood. The title work, which was awarded the Dazai Osamu Prize, stands out for… … Details

  • The Empty Grave
    Gō Ōsaka

    The Empty Grave 墓標なき街

    Ending a gap of 13 years, this seventh installment in author Gō Ōsaka’s hardboiled suspense series once again features the killer known as “The Shrike.” The notorious fiend’s MO is to stab his victims with… … Details

  • New Karma
    Kō Shinjō

    New Karma ニューカルマ

    A novel portraying the challenges young people face in the Japanese labor market today, with action centering largely on multi-level marketing companies. Yūki Takeda is five years out of college, working in the Sales Support… … Details

  • The Cherry Has Bloomed
    Mizuki Tsujimura

    The Cherry Has Bloomed サクラ咲く

    Three linked stories portray the emotional ups and downs of adolescence. In Yakusoku no basho, yakusoku no jikan (Agreed Time, Agreed Place), 13-year-old Yū Kikuchi arrives as a midyear transfer student at Tomohiko Takemiya’s middle… … Details

  • The Nishiura Photo Studio in Enoshima
    En Mikami

    The story is set on the small but picturesque island of Enoshima, a popular seaside resort in Kanagawa Prefecture just south of Tokyo. The Nishiura Photo Studio that was in business there for a full… … Details

  • Index
    Tetsuya Honda

    Index インデックス

    This volume contains eight short stories that complement author Tetsuya Honda’s best-selling novel series featuring crime fighter Reiko Himekawa. Five of the tales relate cases that Reiko, now 33, undertakes shortly after her return from… … Details

  • A Conversation with Japanese National Rugby Team Head Coach Eddie Jones: Coaching Is Believing
    Jun Ikushima

    A Conversation with Japanese National Rugby Team Head Coach Eddie Jones: Coaching Is Believing ラグビー日本代表ヘッドコーチ  エディー・ジョーンズとの対話: コーチングとは「信じること」

    At the Rugby World Cup hosted by England in the fall of 2015, Japan’s national team surprised the world by upsetting the powerhouse South African team that had been expected to crush them. This book… … Details

  • Angels in the Sun: Soulmates II
    Seishū Hase

    Angels in the Sun: Soulmates II 陽だまりの天使たち ソウルメイトⅡ

    Following on the previous book titled Sourumeito (Soulmates), author Seishū Hase offers up a second volume of seven short stories about dogs and their human masters: “Toy Poodle,” “Mix,” “Labrador Retriever,” “Basset Hound,” “Flat-Coated Retriever,”… … Details

  • Soulmates
    Seishū Hase

    Soulmates ソウルメイト

    Author Seishū Hase’s peerless powers of observation shine in these seven short stories about dogs and their people. Tales entitled “Chihuahua,” “Borzoi,” “Shiba Inu,” “Welsh Corgi Pembroke,” “German Shepherd,” “Jack Russell Terrier,” and “Bernese Mountain… … Details

  • Human Chairs: A Rampoesque Tale
    Shirō Kuro

    Human Chairs: A Rampoesque Tale 人間椅子 乱歩奇譚

    The body of a young teacher named Okumura is found dismembered and reassembled in the shape of a chair in a middle-school classroom. One of his students, a fair-faced 13-year-old named Kobayashi, happens to be… … Details

  • Star Worms
    Shunsuke Minesato

    Star Worms 星宿る虫

    A fire breaks out in a building where a religious group in Nagano runs a brothel. The bodies recovered from the ruins are infested by a mysterious worm, and the blood in their veins has… … Details

  • Let Me Tell You: Your Cat’s Side of the Story

    Let Me Tell You: Your Cat’s Side of the Story 猫の言い分 お伝えします。

    Author Anela, who works as an animal communicator in Hawaii, has an uncanny ability to understand animals. Pet owners travel all the way from Japan to visit her Honolulu office in order to learn what… … Details

  • An Autumn of Savage Politics
    Shun’ichi Dōba

    Author Shun’ichi Dōba draws on his background as a former reporter to produce a provocative and suspenseful novel about collusion between a major newspaper company and the ruling party, shining a light into hidden recesses… … Details

  • In the Back Yard of the Minato Hotel
    Haruna Terachi

    In the Back Yard of the Minato Hotel ミナトホテルの裏庭には

    This volume contains two heartwarming linked stories, one mid-length and one short, about the eponymous Minato Hotel. In Saku no wa hana dake de wa nai (Not Just Flowers Bloom), Shinnosuke Kiyama, a 25-year-old white-collar… … Details

  • On the Day the World Turns Red
    Riu Kushiki

    On the Day the World Turns Red 世界が赫に染まる日に

    Kai Ogata, 14, all but loses his two cousins to vicious bullying: Shōta Dobashi, 13, is beaten into a coma, and his sister Suzuna, 12, is raped and left emotionally scarred. Thanks to provisions of… … Details

  • The Confectionery Mysteries
    Tsukasa Sakaki

    Kyōko Umemoto is a slightly chubby 18-year-old-girl. Having recently graduated from high school, she remains undecided about what to do next with her life. Then one day she sees a “Help Wanted” sign at a… … Details