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  • Horsehair Worms
    Man'ichi Yoshimura

    Horsehair Worms ハリガネムシ

    This novella depicts the hopeless love between Shin'ichi Nakaoka, a 25-year-old high school teacher, and Sachiko, a 23-year-old woman working at a "soapland" sex establishment. It is the summer of 1987, and Sachiko?with whom Shin'ichi… … Details

  • Holy Water
    Yuichi Seirai

    The prizewinning title story in this collection is set in Nagasaki in August 2000, 55 years after the atomic bomb killed tens of thousands in the city. The narrator, Hidenobu, watches as his father, Shunji,… … Details

  • Salty Drive
    Tamaki Daido

    Salty Drive しょっぱいドライブ

    Miho, the narrator of the title tale in this collection, is 34 years old. The story is a precise record, in measured prose, of how she and Tsukumo, a man in his sixties, engage in… … Details

  • Grand Finale
    Kazushige Abe

    Grand Finale グランド・フィナーレ

    Sawami, the 37-year-old narrator of this novella, is out of work. He had been a direction assistant at an educational film production company, but was also engaged in black-market sales of pornographic photographs of his… … Details

  • Shreds
    Ko Machida

    Shreds きれぎれ

    The first-person narrator of the title novella in this volume is the son of a family running a long-established pottery shop. After his father's death, the store thrived for a time under his mother's management,… … Details

  • Introduction to Nursing Care
    Norio Mob

    This richly detailed work is written as the diary of a bleach-haired 29-year-old who dulls his mind with constant drug use. The unlikely topic is his at-home care of his 84-year-old paraplegic grandmother. She has… … Details

  • Waiting off the Coast
    Akiko Itoyama

    The Akutagawa Prize-winning title work in this collection depicts the ties between the female narrator and Futotchan, a man who works with her at the Fukuoka branch of a home-fixtures manufacturer, which they both joined… … Details

  • The Eternal Child
    Arata Tendō

    The Eternal Child 永遠の仔

    A novel that created quite a stir among the reading public and became a runaway best seller by shining a light on child abuse. The three main characters are Yuki, Shoichiro, and Ryohei. They first… … Details

  • In Pursuit of Lavender
    Akiko Itoyama

    In Pursuit of Lavender 逃亡くそたわけ

    In this novel-length road story the female protagonist, who is haunted by an audiohallucination?"twenty ells of linen are worth a coat"?that plays over and over in her mind, escapes from a mental hospital with a… … Details

  • The Story of the Eight Dog Warriors
    Futaro Yamada

    This novel alternates between a fictive world based upon the classic Nanso Satomi Hakken Den and the real world of the man Takizawa Bakin, who spent many years writing it. In the first instance Yamada turns… … Details

  • Laughing Wolf
    Yuko Tsushima

    Laughing Wolf 笑いオオカミ

    "The theme and technique alike are without precedent, but the author's strong yet supple writing makes this literary experiment a success."―Hisashi Inoue, writer (Asahi shimbun, December 12, 2001, from the press release for the Osaragi… … Details

  • Taken Captive
    Shohei Ooka

    Taken Captive 俘虜記

    Widely considered one of Shohei Ooka's best works, this series of linked stories based on the author's World War II experiences offers an unblinking portrayal of the egotism and degeneration of human beings cut off… … Details

  • Flowers of Grass
    Takehiko Fukunaga

    “This is that rarity in Japanese literature, a work portraying an intellectual youth.” ―Akira Honda, critic (from the commentary in the paperback edition) Ever since its publication in 1954, this work, which critic Akimasa Kanno called… … Details

  • Gush
    Yo Hemmi

    Gush 赤い橋の下のぬるい水

    “The story is interesting because it is so hard to unravel. If it unraveled easily, it would be that much less interesting.”―Shohei Imamura, film director (Kinema junpo, early November 2001) The title story (published in… … Details

  • Okei
    Mitsugu Saotome

    Okei おけい

    Okei paints a moving description of the hardships faced by the first emigrants from Japan's Aizu region to the United States. As Japan made its transformation from the medieval period to the modern age, the… … Details

  • The Kareki Sea
    Kenji Nakagami

    Set in the author's hometown, this saga examines the complicated struggles of a family. Said to be one of the literary masterpieces of its generation in Japan, it received the 1977 Mainichi Publishing Culture Award.… … Details

  • The Waiting Years
    Fumiko Enchi

    This masterpiece by prominent post?World War II female novelist Fumiko Enchi won the Noma Prize for Literature in 1957. It is the Meiji era (1868?1912). Tomo, the daughter of a former low-ranking samurai, marries a… … Details

  • Lou-Lan and Other Stories
    Yasushi Inoue

    Yasushi Inoue was one of Japan's most talented storytellers; his numerous rich narratives made him the prime creator of an era in modern Japanese literature. This award-winning collection focuses on the region along the Silk… … Details

  • The Moon over the Mountain: Stories
    Atsushi Nakajima

    This is a collection of tales based on Chinese legends by an author renowned for his elegant writing style. Atsushi Nakajima died at the young age of 33, leaving behind only a small number of works.… … Details

  • Jasmine
    Noboru Tsujihara

    Jasmine ジャスミン

    With this adventurous, neo-historical Tale of Two Cities linking the Tien'anmen Massacre of 1989 and the Kobe Earthquake of 1995 through a daring international love affair, acclaimed author Noboru Tsujihara takes a leap from "high… … Details