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  • The Story of the Eight Dog Warriors
    Futaro Yamada

    This novel alternates between a fictive world based upon the classic Nanso Satomi Hakken Den and the real world of the man Takizawa Bakin, who spent many years writing it. In the first instance Yamada turns… … Details

  • Laughing Wolf
    Yuko Tsushima

    Laughing Wolf 笑いオオカミ

    "The theme and technique alike are without precedent, but the author's strong yet supple writing makes this literary experiment a success."―Hisashi Inoue, writer (Asahi shimbun, December 12, 2001, from the press release for the Osaragi… … Details

  • Taken Captive
    Shohei Ooka

    Taken Captive 俘虜記

    Widely considered one of Shohei Ooka's best works, this series of linked stories based on the author's World War II experiences offers an unblinking portrayal of the egotism and degeneration of human beings cut off… … Details

  • Flowers of Grass
    Takehiko Fukunaga

    “This is that rarity in Japanese literature, a work portraying an intellectual youth.” ―Akira Honda, critic (from the commentary in the paperback edition) Ever since its publication in 1954, this work, which critic Akimasa Kanno called… … Details

  • Gush
    Yo Hemmi

    Gush 赤い橋の下のぬるい水

    “The story is interesting because it is so hard to unravel. If it unraveled easily, it would be that much less interesting.”―Shohei Imamura, film director (Kinema junpo, early November 2001) The title story (published in… … Details

  • Okei
    Mitsugu Saotome

    Okei おけい

    Okei paints a moving description of the hardships faced by the first emigrants from Japan's Aizu region to the United States. As Japan made its transformation from the medieval period to the modern age, the… … Details

  • The Kareki Sea
    Kenji Nakagami

    Set in the author's hometown, this saga examines the complicated struggles of a family. Said to be one of the literary masterpieces of its generation in Japan, it received the 1977 Mainichi Publishing Culture Award.… … Details

  • The Waiting Years
    Fumiko Enchi

    This masterpiece by prominent post?World War II female novelist Fumiko Enchi won the Noma Prize for Literature in 1957. It is the Meiji era (1868?1912). Tomo, the daughter of a former low-ranking samurai, marries a… … Details

  • Lou-Lan and Other Stories
    Yasushi Inoue

    Yasushi Inoue was one of Japan's most talented storytellers; his numerous rich narratives made him the prime creator of an era in modern Japanese literature. This award-winning collection focuses on the region along the Silk… … Details

  • The Moon over the Mountain: Stories
    Atsushi Nakajima

    This is a collection of tales based on Chinese legends by an author renowned for his elegant writing style. Atsushi Nakajima died at the young age of 33, leaving behind only a small number of works.… … Details

  • Jasmine
    Noboru Tsujihara

    Jasmine ジャスミン

    With this adventurous, neo-historical Tale of Two Cities linking the Tien'anmen Massacre of 1989 and the Kobe Earthquake of 1995 through a daring international love affair, acclaimed author Noboru Tsujihara takes a leap from "high… … Details

  • Suspects on the Night Train
    Yoko Tawada

    Suspects on the Night Train 容疑者の夜行列車

    In this prizewinning postmodern novel, "you"?the second-person narrator?are a traveler on a night train bound for a series of fantastic occurrences. "You" are a dancer. Always on the move for one reason or another, you… … Details

  • The Thirteenth Night and Other Stories
    Ichiyo Higuchi

    This collection features three major works by Ichiyo Higuchi, who, despite having produced only 21 short stories in her brief career, stands as one of the greatest writers not only of the modern era but… … Details

  • Realm of the Dead / Triumphant March into Port Arthur
    Hyakken Uchida

    Strongly influenced by the works of the German Romantics and suffused with grotesque imagery rooted in the anxieties and uncertainty of human existence, the 18 fantastical tales in Realm of the Dead are distillations of the… … Details

  • The Forty-Seven Ronin
    Jiro Osaragi

    This novel depicting one of the most famous examples of bushido, the code of the samurai, is based on a series of incidents that took place between 1701 and 1703. In 1701 an imperial envoy… … Details

  • Supermarket, the Novel
    Satoshi Azuchi

    Supermarket, the Novel 小説スーパーマーケット

    This novel depicting the corporate world of Japan's supermarket industry was the basis for film director Juzo Itami's The Supermarket Woman. The protagonist, a man named Kojima, was once an elite banker at one of… … Details

  • O Mother
    So Aono

    O Mother 母よ

    The writings in this book, collectively a poetic message from the writer to his mother, who died when he was young, won the Yomiuri Literary Prize in 1992. The sequence of five stories in this… … Details

  • White-haired Melody
    Yoshikichi Furui

    This novel is a record of the daily experiences of a man approaching old age. It delves into the essential but hidden nature of his everyday life, employing prose that is relentless in its re-creation… … Details

  • A Dark Night's Passing
    Naoya Shiga

    A Dark Night's Passing is one of the great classics of modern Japanese literature. Kensaku Tokito is the product of an illicit union between his mother and paternal grandfather. Raised by this grandfather after his mother's… … Details

  • My Blood Is Someone Else’s
    Yasutaka Tsutsui

    My Blood Is Someone Else’s おれの血は他人の血

    Inspired by Dashiell Hammet's Red Harvest, this outrageous novel about corruption and fighting in a small town is one of the finest examples of the author's experiments in pulp fiction. Kinukawa is a young businessman… … Details