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  • Goodbye for Today
    Kaori Ishida

    Goodbye for Today きょうの日は、さようなら

    Kyōko lost her mother at the age of five. Her mother had been hospitalized shortly after giving birth to her and then went into long-term care, so Kyōko had never had the chance to be… … Details

  • A Sign in the Stars
    Tomoka Shibasaki

    A Sign in the Stars 星のしるし

    An otherwise mundane narrative lacking in any extraordinary incident sparkles everywhere with the idiosyncratic perspectives author Tomoka Shibasaki brings to the events. It is a work that has much in common with her Akutagawa Prize-winning… … Details

  • Unrequited Love
    Keigo Higashino

    Originally published in 2001, this work took up gender identity disorder as its theme well before the movement for LGBT rights spread around the world. What at first appears to be a simple case of… … Details

  • Honestman
    Tomoyuki Shirai

    Honestman 東京結合人間

    Following a wild and bloody prologue filled with all manner of sordidness and brutality, from—at the mild end—an underage call girl operation to abduction, imprisonment, and repeated rape of the girls and to grisly violence… … Details

  • After Us the Deluge
    Yūsuke Miyauchi

    After Us the Deluge あとは野となれ大和撫子

    This work is a political thriller set in Aralstan, a fictitious Central Asian country that was part of the Soviet Union during the Cold War period. In an improbable twist, a group of young women… … Details

  • Underground Apartments Available Now!
    Kairi Aotsuki

    Underground Apartments Available Now! 地底アパート入居者募集中!

    Author Kairi Aotsuki debuts an all-new, fantastical, light-comedy series set in an extradimensional underground apartment house and featuring a cast of highly distinctive and appealing characters. Kazuha Katsuragi is kicked out of his parents’ home… … Details

  • Visionaries: Phantasnic
    Jin Fukazawa

    Visionaries: Phantasnic 英国幻視の少年たち:ファンタズニック

    This volume raises the curtain on a college-campus fantasy series set in England—the tale of an outgoing Japanese student and an antisocial English youth who learn from each other and gain maturity in the course… … Details

  • Chopin’s Heart
    Mami Aoya

    Chopin’s Heart ショパンの心臓

    Kenta is still trying to find a job after graduating from college. Passing through a shopping district on his way back from an interview, he sees a storefront with a curious sign that says “Odd-Job… … Details

  • Night Train
    Tomihiko Morimi

    Four men and one woman who met as students at the same English conversation school in their college days reunite for Kyoto’s Kurama Fire Festival, which takes place every October. At the time of the… … Details

  • On the Shores of Memory
    Kazufumi Shiraishi

    On the Shores of Memory 記憶の渚にて

    Fictitious Japanese novelist Sōichi Koga, known to the world by his pen name of Jin Tezuka and regarded as a potential Nobel nominee, dies at the age of 54 leaving a number of unanswered questions… … Details

  • It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
    Aki Satō

    It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) スウィングしなけりゃ意味がない

    Author Aki Satō’s eye for detail and her meticulous reconstruction of an era shine in this vivid portrait of rebellious German youths who find a salvation of sorts by immersing themselves in the local jazz… … Details

  • Tears Like Snow
    Arie Nashiya

    Tears Like Snow スノウ・ティアーズ

    From the time she was small, Kimie always seemed prone to strange occurrences. In elementary school, for example, when she borrowed an umbrella from someone and opened it, she floated up off the ground and… … Details

  • Lone Castle in the Mirror
    Mizuki Tsujimura

    Lone Castle in the Mirror かがみの孤城

    A story that delves into the circumstances and psychology of children who, for a variety of reasons, find themselves unable to go to school even when they want to. Shortly after entering middle school, Kokoro… … Details

  • Airplane Trails to Tomorrow
    Sumiko Yatsuka

    Airplane Trails to Tomorrow 明日のひこうき雲

    While her father is away in the next prefecture on long-term assignment for his company, eighth-grader Yū Mizoguchi must be the grown-up in the house, taking care of her mother, who suffers from severe depression… … Details

  • Zūnome Doll
    Ichi Sawamura

    Zūnome Doll ずうのめにんぎょう

    An absurd, made-up story that should never have risen above urban legend status “comes true” in the “real world” of the novel as the eponymous doll kills those who fall under its curse one after… … Details

  • Honeybees and Distant Thunder
    Riku Onda

    Set at a fictitious international piano competition that has become a key stepping-stone for rising young classical pianists, this Grand Hotel–style novel traces with richly textured detail the multiple rounds of judging that span more… … Details

  • Chorus of Cicadas
    Shūhei Fujisawa

    Chorus of Cicadas 蝉しぐれ

    Even 20 years after his death, Shūhei Fujisawa remains one of Japan’s most popular authors of fiction set in the Edo period (1603–1867), with many of his titles continuing to enjoy strong sales today. This… … Details

  • Tea for the Grandees
    Jun Itō

    Tea for the Grandees 天下人の茶

    Medieval Japan endured an extended period of fragmentation when warring feudal domains were vying fiercely with one another to expand their territory, before the hegemonic ambitions of Oda Nobunaga (1534–82), Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537–98), and finally… … Details

  • Silent Breath
    Kyōko Minami

    Silent Breath サイレント・ブレス

    This novel follows the footsteps of a doctor who works for a health clinic serving terminally ill patients who wish to die in their own homes rather than in an institutional setting. Although surveys indicate… … Details

  • Marriage
    Areno Inoue

    Marriage 結婚

    This novel pays homage to the 1982 novel of the same title written by Mitsuharu Inoue, author Areno Inoue’s father. It revisits the subject of love fraud taken up in the earlier work, examining it… … Details