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  • Twilight Shuffle and Other Stories
    Yūzaburō Otokawa

    Twilight Shuffle and Other Stories トワイライト・シャッフル

    Young women in their twenties, emigrants, and men and women of middle and advanced age variously fall in love or come to important crossroads in their lives in this volume of 13 stories set in… … Details

  • The Great Divide
    Yūzaburō Otokawa

    The Great Divide 脊梁山脈

    This sweeping historical novel traces the steps of a young demobilized soldier as he rebuilds his life following Japan’s defeat in World War II. Nobuyuki Yatabe is repatriated from Shanghai in 1946, the year after… … Details

  • Withheld from Publication
    Toshikazu Nagae

    A fictitious work of nonfiction forms the bulk of this story within a story, in which author Toshikazu Nagae takes interest in a manuscript initially withheld from publication but which sees the light of day… … Details

  • Wandering Taxi
    Kyōhei Sakaguchi

    Wandering Taxi 徘徊タクシー

    A young man struggling to make it on his own after college is prompted by an experience with his great-grandmother to make a new start. Kyōhei, loosely modeled on the author, is 25. Since graduating… … Details

  • The Adventures of a Saintly Slacker
    Tomihiko Morimi

    The Adventures of a Saintly Slacker 聖なる怠け者の冒険

    In this kitschy, comical fantasy set in present-day Kyoto, events unfold in the course of a single Saturday, with the ancient city’s famous Gion Festival scheduled for the following day. A mysterious character wearing a… … Details

  • Men Friends
    Akane Chihaya

    Men Friends 男ともだち

    A love story that grapples head on with the age-old but timeless question of whether there can be true friendship between a man and a woman without sex. Aoi Kanna is a 29-year-old professional illustrator.… … Details

  • The Miracles of the Namiya General Store
    Keigo Higashino

    The Miracles of the Namiya General Store ナミヤ雑貨店の奇蹟

    Keigo Higashino, that mega-bestselling author of crime thrillers and mysteries, offers up a fanciful tale in which a run-of-the-mill general store becomes a portal through time. Three youths fresh from a burglary head for an… … Details

  • Silver-Winged Icarus
    Jun Ikeido

    Silver-Winged Icarus 銀翼のイカロス

    This is the fourth volume in the author’s series recounting the exploits of bank officer Naoki Hanzawa as he grapples with mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, and a variety of other thorny financial problems his company… … Details

  • Books Are Male and Female Too
    Masakuni Oda

    Books Are Male and Female Too 本にだって雄と雌があります

    As book lovers everywhere know, personal library collections have a way of multiplying?seemingly of their own accord. This novel is based on just such a fanciful notion?that books mate and give birth to “phantom” offspring… … Details

  • Scars
    Akane Chihaya

    Scars あとかた

    The six stories in this collection are linked by shared characters who have sustained various emotional scars from their amorous relationships. The protagonist of Homura (“Flame”), the first story, is a young woman who works as… … Details

  • Under the Sun and Stars
    Maha Harada

    An 84-year-old San Francisco psychiatrist named Edward Wilson looks back on the days he spent in occupied Okinawa as a military psychiatrist not long after the end of World War II, and recalls the friendships… … Details

  • The Voice Calling Your Name
    Aki Hamanaka

    A partially skeletonized body is discovered in a suburban Tokyo condominium building. Based on personal effects found nearby, the body is identified as that of Yōko Suzuki, 40. Detective Ayano Okunuki, a woman of about… … Details

  • Blind Love and Friendship
    Mizuki Tsujimura

    Blind Love and Friendship 盲目的な恋と友情

    The separate loves of two young women, along with their mutual friendship, are recounted with a marked element of suspense. Part 1, “Love,” is narrated in the first person by Ranka Ichinose; Part 2, “Friendship,”… … Details

  • A Ray of Light
    Kazufumi Shiraishi

    A Ray of Light 一瞬の光

    At the young age of 38, Kōsuke Hashida is chosen to head the personnel department of a company that belongs to one of Japan’s largest conglomerates. A rising star on the corporate fast track, he… … Details

  • The Snapping Turtle Quest
    Akito Inui

    The Snapping Turtle Quest すっぽん心中

    A young man and woman find a brief escape from their day-to-day existence in this story with the feel of a road movie. The 27-year-old Tano makes his living driving a light delivery van. Two… … Details

  • Hisashi
    Akito Inui

    Hisashi ひっ

    Because his parents got divorced shortly after he was born, the narrator, now 26, grew up without ever knowing his father, looking instead to his maternal uncle, Hisashi, as a male role model. The man’s… … Details

  • The Membership Detective Club
    Keigo Higashino

    In this collection of five classic puzzler whodunits, a detective duo uses brilliant deductions to solve complex murder mysteries rife with amorous entanglements. The detectives are a man who belongs to a private investigation agency… … Details

  • The End of August
    Miri Yū

    The End of August 8月の果て

    Author Miri Yū takes up the turbulent lives of her maternal grandfather I Uchoru and his younger brother by 13 years, I Ugun, in this novel, weaving an exquisite tapestry that mixes fiction with her… … Details

  • St. Peter’s Funeral Procession
    Miyuki Miyabe

    This is author Miyuki Miyabe’s third novel featuring as its narrator Saburo Sugimura, who works on the in-house magazine of the Imada Concern, one of Japan’s largest industrial conglomerates. Set three years after Dareka (Somebody)… … Details

  • Gold Rush
    Miri Yū

    Gold Rush ゴールドラッシュ

    This tale of a 14-year-old boy who kills his father was inspired by the true-life crimes of a Kobe boy of that age in 1997. The deadly incident sparked intensive discussions throughout Japan about why… … Details