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  • Loose Ends at the Kitanozaka Detective Agency: Not Enough Psychological Description
    Yutaka Kōno

    Loose Ends at the Kitanozaka Detective Agency: Not Enough Psychological Description つれづれ、北野坂探偵舎 心理描写が足りてない

    A novelist and a former editor play detective to solve mysteries in which ghosts play a role. Novelist Tsuzuku Amasaka is not a prolific writer, but he has a base of extremely loyal fans who… … Details

  • A Maze of Sea and Moon
    Arimasa Ōsawa

    A Maze of Sea and Moon 海と月の迷路

    The story takes place on Hajima, a tiny island in Nagasaki Prefecture that once served as the base for an undersea coal mine, until those operations closed in 1974. While the island is now deserted,… … Details

  • The Deer King
    Nahoko Uehashi

    The Deer King 鹿の王

    On the western edge of the kingdom of Zol, black wolf fever sweeps through a salt mine, wiping out the slave laborers and their overseers. The virulent and incurable virus, which has lain dormant for… … Details

  • The Swollen Snake
    Shūsuke Michio

    The Swollen Snake 球体の蛇

    As he prepares to go to the funeral of Otsutarō Hashizuka, narrator Tomohiko remembers events from 16 years before, when he was a junior in high school. He had been living with Otsutarō and his… … Details

  • Drafting a Map of the World
    Ryō Asai

    Drafting a Map of the World 世界地図の下書き

    The Green Leaves and Sunshine House is a home for children without parents, whether due to abuse, divorce, death, or other unfortunate circumstances. Taisuke came to the facility three years ago after his parents were… … Details

  • Cult X
    Fuminori Nakamura

    Cult X 教団X

    In this new novel, the acclaimed author of The Thief melds the distinctive madness of those who fall in thrall to religious cults with a continuing exploration of the psychology that leads to acts of… … Details

  • A Girl Named Nada
    Eiko Kadono

    A Girl Named Nada ナーダという名の少女

    Ariko, 15, lives with her father Naoki in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One day she goes by herself to see the Manoel de Oliveira film Voyage to the Beginning of the World, and meets an… … Details

  • Ghost Stories
    Mariko Koike

    In the afterword to this collection of seven ghostly tales, author Mariko Koike states that a powerful awareness of death entered her consciousness at an early age. Her strange yet beautiful stories seem to assert… … Details

  • Your True Calling
    Masumi Ōshima

    Your True Calling あなたの本当の人生は

    The story begins as Mami Kunisaki, a 25-year-old fledgling writer, is brought to the stately mansion of best-selling author Holly Moriwaki by the editor they share, a man named Kagami. Since winning a new-writer prize… … Details

  • Cesium on Sacred Ground
    Yūsuke Kimura

    The two novellas in this volume, both written in response to Japan’s March 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown disasters, focus on the fate of cattle and cats in the disaster zone while also pondering… … Details

  • Second-Wifing
    Hiroyuki Kurokawa

    Second-Wifing 後妻業

    Stories of femmes fatales working their wiles to hoodwink men are legion, but this novel takes such nefariousness to new heights: an elderly woman attaches herself to wealthy widowers, then makes off with their entire… … Details

  • Pinta Penta Pūtarō
    Manabu Makime

    Pinta Penta Pūtarō とっぴんぱらりの風太郎

    The time is early in the 17th century, 16 years after the death of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who brought a long period of feudal wars to an end and unified Japan under his sole power. In… … Details

  • How to Repel a Pigeon
    Shōgo Satō

    How to Repel a Pigeon 鳩の撃退法

    In this suspense-filled novel, the inadvertent release of counterfeit bills into general circulation is linked to the disappearance of a husband, wife, and daughter. The story is narrated by “real-life” novelist Shin’ichi Tsuda, purportedly telling… … Details

  • Last Run
    Eiko Kadono

    Last Run ラストラン

    At 74, Iko Yamano is unattached and independent; she lives as she pleases in Tokyo. One day she gets to thinking about things she has left undone in her life. A longtime biker, she let… … Details

  • Naomi and Kanako
    Hideo Okuda

    Naomi and Kanako ナオミとカナコ

    A tale of suspense in which two women who have been best friends since college plot and carry out the murder of an abusive husband. The partners in crime are Naomi Oda, 28, who works… … Details

  • The Autobiography of Tokyo
    Hikaru Okuizumi

    A spirit that resides in the land on which Tokyo is built offers an autobiographical account of the city and its history from 1845, when it was the seat of the Tokugawa shogunate, until 2011,… … Details

  • Breakfast with Madame Curie
    Erika Kobayashi

    Breakfast with Madame Curie マダム・キュリーと朝食を

    This mid-length work of fiction was sparked by the triple disaster that struck the northeast Pacific coast of Japan in March 2011, and the resulting leakage of radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.… … Details

  • The Way of the Comb Crafter
    Nobori Kiuchi

    The old post town of Yabuhara in the central mountains of Honshū has been known for its fine-toothed wooden combs, or orokugushi, since around 1700. Each handcrafted piece is beautifully hewn from a species of… … Details

  • A Vow Fulfilled
    Honobu Yonezawa

    This book contains six short, standalone thrillers. Much of their appeal lies in the contrast between the powerful passions that drive the characters to murder and the quiet elegance of the prose in which the… … Details

  • The Golden Machine
    Kōtarō Tsunekawa

    This dark fantasy centers on a humanoid alien said to have come to earth from the moon over 300 years ago, during Japan’s feudal Edo period (1603?1867). Known as Mr. Golden because of his shiny… … Details