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  • Wujing’s Departure
    Manabu Makime

    This volume contains five short stories that could be called “spinoffs” of well-known Chinese classics. Author Manabu Makime trains his lens on supporting characters as a means of highlighting the allure of classical Chinese literature… … Details

  • Hunting Heizō
    Gō Ōsaka

    Hunting Heizō 平蔵狩り

    Beginning in 1967, the best-selling period-fiction author Shōtarō Ikenami (1923?90) created the tremendously popular Onihei hankachō (Onihei’s Crime Stories) series featuring Hasegawa Heizō (1745?95), a real-life crime fighter in the city of Edo?today’s Tokyo?during the… … Details

  • Sun/Planet
    Takahiro Ueda

    Sun/Planet 太陽・惑星

    Two futuristic novellas present bold and highly intriguing thought experiments on extreme eventualities the world could face in times ahead. In Taiyō (Sun), an artist named Michel Tayama believes that if the nuclear fusion that… … Details

  • Growing-Up Candy
    Naoya Higuchi

    Growing-Up Candy 大人ドロップ

    A new business client’s smile reminds the unnamed narrator of a girl he was smitten with in high school, which ultimately leads to him telling her the story of a memorable summer from his youth.… … Details

  • Budōkan
    Ryō Asai

    Budōkan 武道館

    The Budōkan?literally “Martial Arts Hall”?was built as the venue for the judo competitions at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and quickly became the place where all martial artists aspired to compete. National championships for various sports… … Details

  • If Cats Were to Disappear from the Earth
    Genki Kawamura

    If Cats Were to Disappear from the Earth 世界から猫が消えたなら

    The 30-year-old narrator, a mailman, goes to the doctor with a persistent cold one Monday, only to be told that he has a grade IV brain tumor and very little time to live. He stumbles… … Details

  • The Dismembered Ghost
    Azami Saidō

    The Dismembered Ghost サナキの森

    Narrator Kō Ibaraba, 27, lives in Morioka, a prefectural capital in northeastern Honshū. Upon completing her degree at an art college, she took a job teaching art in middle school, but after two years decided… … Details

  • Nile Perch Women’s Club
    Asako Yuzuki

    Nile Perch Women’s Club ナイルパーチの女子会

    Eriko Shimura is an attractive 30-year-old career woman who graduated from a top-ranked university and went to work for the largest trading firm in Japan, where her father was once a high-level executive. An only… … Details

  • The Long Excuse
    Miwa Nishikawa

    The Long Excuse 永い言い訳

    The story traces the life of a best-selling author during the year after he loses his wife to a tragic accident. The sudden bitter loss weighs heavily on him, prompting a period of deep reflection… … Details

  • Cooking Lessons for Love
    Megumi Fujino

    Cooking Lessons for Love 初恋料理教室

    On a quiet lane in Kyoto stands an old-fashioned townhouse where, each Saturday afternoon, Aiko Koishihara, once the grand matron of a well-known merchant house, conducts a traditional Kyoto cuisine cooking class “for men only.”… … Details

  • The Have-Nots
    Hitomi Kanehara

    The Have-Nots 持たざる者

    The main action of this novel by Hitomi Kanehara follows events in the lives of four men and women in their thirties as they grapple, each in his or her own way, with senses of… … Details

  • Eine kleine Nachtmusik
    Kōtaro Isaka

    Eine kleine Nachtmusik アイネクライネナハトムジーク

    Characters who play a supporting role in one tale become central figures in another in this collection of six short stories. Linked across a span of some 20 years, they center on connections and missed… … Details

  • Anime Supremacy
    Mizuki Tsujimura

    Anime Supremacy ハケンアニメ!

    The fast-paced, highly competitive world of anime production for television, a field in which Japan has long been a leading force, is unveiled in this first-rate entertainment by author Mizuki Tsujimura. Anime series are typically… … Details

  • So Long!
    Kanako Nishi

    So Long! サラバ!

    A man who was born in Iran and spent some of his formative years in Egypt looks back on his life from the age of 37. Much of his focus rests on his relationship with… … Details

  • Million Dollar Man
    Genki Kawamura

    A man wins the lottery, making him an overnight millionaire, and over the next few weeks grapples with the question of whether money can buy happiness. Kazuo is in his late thirties. A librarian during… … Details

  • Insect Woman
    Areno Inoue

    The spirit of a woman who has died hovers about the vicinity seeking to learn the cause of her death in this thought-provoking novel by Areno Inoue. At a prime residential location in central Tokyo… … Details

  • The Demon’s Footfalls
    Shūsuke Michio

    In this collection of six short stories, each highly distinctive in conception, author Shūsuke Michio probes the psychological mechanisms by which a person who is slightly unhinged steps across the line into utter madness. Crows… … Details

  • Forgotten Items for Delivery
    Kozue Ōsaki

    Forgotten Items for Delivery 忘れ物が届きます

    In this collection of five short mysteries, Nobara no niwa e (To the Garden of Wild Roses) takes place at a luxurious villa in the old capital of Kamakura, south of Tokyo. Shihoko Toyama, heiress… … Details

  • Running Water
    Hiromi Kawakami

    The story takes place in Tokyo in 2013 and reflects back on the unusual relationship of the narrator Miyako, 55, with her brother Ryō, 54. Nearly 20 years have gone by since the two unmarried… … Details

  • A Prayer Nine Years Ago
    Masatsugu Ono

    A Prayer Nine Years Ago 九年前の祈り

    This volume contains three short stories in addition to the title novella, which was awarded the prestigious Akutagawa Prize. As with all of Ono’s previous works, the tales are set in a small depopulating fishing… … Details