Basic Kanji Book, Vol. 2 (5th Ed.)

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Basic Kanji Book, Vol. 2 (5th Ed.)
Specifications: ISBN  978-4893581198
262 pages
18.0 x 25.6 cm / 7.2 x 10.2 in (WxH)
Category: Language Texts
Publisher: Bonjinsha Inc.
Tokyo, 1995
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Author: Chieko Kano, Yuri Shimizu, Hiroko Takenaka, and Eriko Ishii

Content: Focusing on the kanji most often seen in everyday life, this book systematically explains their origins, meanings, original forms, and ideographic nature. The aim of the book is to effectively teach the ability to use kanji. Particular care has been taken with the book's layout to make for easier reading. The book is linked with Seiko CAI software Let's Learn Nihongo. For intermediate students, Intermediate Kanji Book (ISBN 978-4893584892) is also available.