The New Japanese "A I U E O"

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The New Japanese "A I U E O"
Specifications: ISBN  978-4757406421
80 pages
17.6 x 25.0 cm / 6.9 x 9.8 in (WxH)
Category: Language Texts
Publisher: ALC Press Inc.
Tokyo, 2002
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Author: Nihongo "A I U E O" o Tsukuru Kai

Content: This textbook is a revised version of Nihongo "A I U E O" (published by Bonjinsha), which was very popular in volunteer Japanese-language regional classrooms. It is perfectly suited for teaching Japanese to beginners in private lessons or in classrooms taught by volunteers. Words that are essential to everyday life in Japan are introduced with illustrations, so that students can enjoy the process of learning. Included at the back of the book are hiragana and katakana cards, making learning even easier.

  Table of Contents

  1. Self-introductions

  2. Words used when studying

  3. Words used in greetings

  4. Letters (1): hiragana

  5. Learning words: adjectives, verbs, numerals

  7. Letters (2): katakana

  8. Learning words (2): frequently heard questions, nouns

  9. Letter cards