TOBIRA: Gateway to Advanced Japanese

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TOBIRA: Gateway to Advanced Japanese
Specifications: ISBN  978-4874244470
420 pages
18.0 x 25.6 cm / 7.2 x 10.2 in (WxH)
Category: Language Texts
Publisher: Kuroshio Publishers
Tokyo, 2009
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Author: Mayumi Oka, Michio Tsutsui, Junko Kondo, Shoko Emori, Yoshihiro Hanai, Satoru Ishikawa

Content: TOBIRA is a groundbreaking intermediate-level Japanese textbook designed to develop the four language skills through the study of a variety of different topics from Japanese geography and history to pop culture. TOBIRA promotes language learning through the use of multimedia materials and establishes a support system via the Internet so that learners outside Japan have access to a Japanese language environment.