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  • Kū and Mā’s Learning Books: What’s This Animal?
    Kōshirō Hata

    Kū and Mā’s Learning Books: What’s This Animal? クーとマーのおぼえるえほん どうぶつなあに

    This is the ninth volume in the Kū and Mā’s Learning Books series featuring the twin bear cubs Kū, a boy, and Mā, a girl, in storylines that help small children learn colors, shapes, body… … Details

  • Brush Brush Your Teeth

    Brush Brush Your Teeth しゃかしゃかはみがき

    This is a picture book for parents who wish to teach their child proper dental hygiene in a way that is both fun and memorable. How do you clean those hard-to-reach teeth at the back?… … Details

  • Planting Rice on Grandpa’s Farm
    Momomi Sako

    Planting Rice on Grandpa’s Farm おじいちゃんちのたうえ

    Each spring, Shōtarō and his family go to Grandpa’s farm to help with the rice planting. Now in elementary school, Shōtarō has promised that this year he will pitch in, too. When his alarm goes… … Details

  • Beddy-Bye
    Momomi Sako

    Beddy-Bye ねんね

    For some small children, learning to go to bed by themselves can be a major hurdle that causes difficulties. This book tells a story designed to put their fears to rest. When Mama says it’s… … Details

  • Whose Bicycle?
    Jun Takabatake

    Whose Bicycle? だれのじてんしゃ

    A boy rides his green bicycle across a grassy field. He comes upon an orange bicycle with a very long chassis, and gets off to ponder it. “Whose bicycle is this?” he wonders aloud. An… … Details

  • The Mouse Tree
    Wakiko Satō

    The Mouse Tree ねずみのなるき

    Cat catches Mouse and threatens to eat him. Mouse begs for his life, offering to give Cat a seed that will grow into a mouse tree instead. Cat pictures a tree with lots of plump… … Details

  • Birthday Dog
    Hiroshi Saitō / Nao Takabatake

    Birthday Dog バースデー・ドッグ

    The doorbell rings when the narrator, a boy, is not expecting anyone, and he opens the door to find a large golden dog on his doorstep. “I’ll come in, if you don’t mind,” says a… … Details

  • Hustle and Slack: Operation Surprise Present
    Nao Takabatake

    Hustle and Slack: Operation Surprise Present セッセとヨッコラ ひみつのプレゼントさくせん

    This is the second episode in author Nao Takabatake’s picture-book series featuring the ever curious dog Hustle, always on the ball, and the happy-go-lucky monkey Slack, who is more of the lazy sort. Although they… … Details

  • Hustle and Slack: Exploring the Snoggzz Cave
    Nao Takabatake

    Hustle and Slack: Exploring the Snoggzz Cave セッセとヨッコラ ヒョゴーどうくつのたんけん

    This is the first in author Nao Takabatake’s series of picture books featuring the restless and impetuous dog Hustle and the lukewarm and lackadaisical monkey Slack. In this episode the two go on a cave… … Details

  • Night Cat

    Night Cat ナイトキャット

    Cat spends his days snoozing on a rug by the fireplace or in his cozy basket, his bowl always full, and he’s treated like a king. But he has a secret: He goes on adventures… … Details

  • Divination for All Your Needs: Welcome to the Yin-Yang Shop
    Shōko Amano

    Divination for All Your Needs: Welcome to the Yin-Yang Shop よろず占い処 陰陽屋へようこそ

    This first volume in author Shōko Amano’s popular Onmyō-ya (The Yin-Yang Shop) series for young adults contains four linked stories in the main narrative line, and two spinoff episodes. In the basement of a building… … Details

  • Explained in Pictures: Construction Sites
    Yoh Morinaga

    Illustrator Yoh Morinaga, known for his intricate artwork geared to educational ends, here offers up illustrations of 14 major construction sites from real life: railways, train stations, expressways, a factory, a tunnel, an airport, dams,… … Details

  • Happy Birthday
    Mamoru Suzuki

    Happy Birthday たんじょうびおめでとう

    Everybody has a birthday once a year. On any given date, millions upon millions of people around the world celebrate their lives by marking the day of their birth. This picture book highlights what a… … Details

  • Baby’s Mini Picture Books Series
    Kōshirō Hata

    Baby’s Mini Picture Books Series 『あかちゃんミニえほん』シリーズ

    This series of board books by well-known picture-book author Kōshirō Hata includes six individual volumes focusing on animals, conveyances, food, fruit and vegetables, everyday things, and the zoo. They have been published in a small… … Details

  • Thread Them Together: Animal Fun
    Kimika Warabe

    Thread Them Together: Animal Fun ならべてつなげる どうぶつ ひもとおし

    This is an interactive picture book that offers dexterity training for children as young as 12 months, as they thread the provided cord through holes in animal cutouts. The pre-cut animal cards can be popped… … Details

  • Crisis at the Gas Plant
    Katsuhiko Shigeri

    Crisis at the Gas Plant ガスこうじょうききいっぱつ

    In a factory that produces gas, men work in shifts to keep the plant running around the clock, 365 days a year. Let’s go on a tour. We begin with the arrival of raw materials… … Details

  • Learn a Technique by Comics: Shōgi School for Loving Kids
    Takanori Hashimoto / Kazuhiro Murakawa

    Learn a Technique by Comics: Shōgi School for Loving Kids 将棋教室:マンガでマスター

    Shōgi, also known as “Japanese chess,” is a board game for two played with 20 pieces each on a nine-by-nine grid of 81 squares. The game is distinctive among chess variations for being the first… … Details

  • Dinosaurs Still Live
    Kyōichi Tomita / Masakatsu Shimoda

    Dinosaurs Still Live 恐竜は今も生きている

    Compiled by dinosaur expert Kyōichi Tomita and illustrated with great dynamism by Masakatsu Shimoda, this science reader for children presents the latest research on dinosaurs and their evolution. The text is written in simple language… … Details

  • Fun with Zoomadanke: Kendama!

    Fun with Zoomadanke: Kendama! ZOOMADANKEとあそぼう!けん玉

    Kendama is the Japanese version of the classic cup-and-ball game known in a variety of forms around the world, played with a ball attached by string to a handle with which it must be caught?in… … Details

  • Turtle Cam
    Kaori Moro

    Turtle Cam カメカメカメラ

    Playing on the fact that the Japanese word for “turtle” is the same as the first two syllables of “camera,” the main character of this picture book is a turtle who loves to take pictures.… … Details