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  • Hibakusha: Their Words on the 60th Anniversary
    Noriyuki Aida

    Hibakusha: Their Words on the 60th Anniversary 被爆者-60年目のことば

    This book uses text and photographs to tell the stories of six hibakusha, survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All of them still deal with the bombs' aftereffects today, over six decades… … Details

  • Alexei and the Spring
    Seiichi Motohashi

    Alexei and the Spring アレクセイと泉のはなし

    The Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded on April 26, 1986, raining radioactive materials over much of eastern Europe. In Alexei's small village in the country of Belarus, people recall that a fierce wind blew that… … Details

  • Art Girl: Setsuko Negishi and Her Merry Crew
    Mitsuru Hanagata

    Art Girl: Setsuko Negishi and Her Merry Crew アート少女:根岸節子とゆかいな仲間たち

    In her second year of middle school, Setsuko Negishi is president of the art club, which is tottering on the brink of collapse. The school's autocratic, performance-obsessed principal has confiscated their clubroom and turned it… … Details

  • A Forest of Evil Spirits
    Yū Itō

    In this fantasy set in the imperial Heian court of 10th-century Japan, the hero is 13-year-old Otowamaru. After losing both his parents to an epidemic at age six, he has been forced to disguise himself… … Details

  • Home Is Here: Ben Shahn’s Lucky Dragon
    Arthur Binard / Ben Shahn

    Home Is Here: Ben Shahn’s Lucky Dragon ここが家だ―ベン・シャーンの第五福竜丸

    On March 1, 1954, the United States Defense Department conducted a hydrogen bomb test at Bikini atoll in the Marshall Islands of the south Pacific. The blast generated a vast amount of fallout, covering residents… … Details

  • Plates and Paper Airplanes
    Mutsumi Ishii

    Plates and Paper Airplanes 皿と紙ひこうき

    First-year high-school student Yuka lives in a small mountain village in northern Kyushu, far from Tokyo. The twelve households that make up the village all share a centuries-long tradition of pottery-making, hence the village name,… … Details

  • Boya, the Little Flying Fish
    Tomiko Inui / Rotoh Tsuda

    Boya, the Little Flying Fish トビウオのぼうやはびょうきです

    Boya, a young flying fish, is swimming with his mother amid forests of white coral in the deep blue south sea when they see the distant sky turn bright red. Then the sea suddenly begins… … Details

  • Half
    Taki Kusano

    Half ハーフ

    "My mother's name is Yoko. Ever since I was little, I've been told that Yoko is my mother. Yoko is a small, brown, short-haired dog." With this deadpan but startling statement, the story begins. It… … Details

  • Sakurako’s Birthday
    Hiro Miyakawa / Yura Komine

    Sakurako’s Birthday さくら子のたんじょうび

    One summer, Sakurako, a second-grader, goes to see the cherry tree after which she was named. What she discovers is a curious tree whose bottom half is chestnut and whose top is cherry. In the… … Details

  • Youth’s Voyage: The Phoenix-Maru
    Sumiko Yatsuka

    Youth’s Voyage: The Phoenix-Maru 青春航路ふぇにっくす丸

    This is the story of Hiroshi and Shinji, two 15-year-olds who, after dropping out of an industrial high school, begin working on the Phoenix-Maru, a crane ship where the work is characterized by the "Three… … Details

  • Mii-chan's First Errand
    Yoriko Tsutsui / Akiko Hayashi

    Mii-chan's First Errand はじめてのおつかい

    One day Mommy asks, "Miki, would you like to run an errand on your own?" Miki has never left the house by herself before, but today she will help her Mom by going to the… … Details

  • Grandfather Bonsai
    Etsuko Kibai

    Grandfather Bonsai ぼんさいじいさま

    One bright spring morning, Grandfather goes off as usual to offer rice before the shrine of Benzaiten on the hill behind the house. He tends the chickens and the horse and his bonsai. Done with… … Details

  • The Cat Who Lived One Million Times
    Yōko Sano

    The Cat Who Lived One Million Times 100万回生きたねこ

    A cat has nine lives, the saying goes, but the cat in this book comes back to life a million times, each time falling under a new person's care. It has been a king's pet,… … Details

  • Goodbye, Grandma Erma
    Atsuko Otsuka

    Goodbye, Grandma Erma さよならエルマおばあさん

    This photo picture book depicts the last year in the life of Grandma Erma after she was diagnosed with cancer and told by her doctor that she didn't have long to live. We see her… … Details

  • Summertime
    Takako Sato

    Summertime サマータイム

    Susumu, a fifth-grader, encounters Koichi at the public swimming pool one summer. Koichi is missing his left arm, but manages to swim despite his disability. On the way home from the pool a violent thunderstorm… … Details

  • Belly Button
    Yoshifumi Hasegawa

    Belly Button おへそのあな

    From safe inside its mother's womb, a baby peeks out through the belly button at the world beyond. It sees its brother constructing a robot: "I'm gonna give this to the baby!" he says, smiling.… … Details

  • The Child Who Was Born
    Yōko Sano

    The Child Who Was Born うまれてきた子ども

    A child who chose not to be born has come to this world to observe it. He's not afraid of roaring lions, and mosquito bites don't make him itch. He hasn't been born yet, after… … Details

  • Riding a Horse of Smoke: Young Shakespeare’s Adventure
    Hideko Ogawa

    Riding a Horse of Smoke: Young Shakespeare’s Adventure けむり馬に乗って:少年シェイクスピアの冒険

    This historical fantasy shifts back and forth between 16th-century England and Japan. The hero is young Will Shakespeare, only 11 at the time. Will's father, a successful glovemaker and town alderman, berates his son for… … Details

  • The Cradle of the Trees
    Noriko Ogiwara

    The Cradle of the Trees 樹上のゆりかご

    This book conjures up a mysterious aura centered on the complex thoughts and feelings of teenage girls at a prestigious and competitive public high school. Hiromi Ueda, the heroine, is a junior with premonitions that… … Details

  • The Door of November
    Hōko Takadono

    The Door of November 十一月の扉

    It is early November when Sawako, in her second year of middle school, discovers a mysterious European-style building in her town. She learns that it is a boarding house with the quaint name November House.… … Details