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  • Youth’s Voyage: The Phoenix-Maru
    Sumiko Yatsuka

    Youth’s Voyage: The Phoenix-Maru 青春航路ふぇにっくす丸

    This is the story of Hiroshi and Shinji, two 15-year-olds who, after dropping out of an industrial high school, begin working on the Phoenix-Maru, a crane ship where the work is characterized by the "Three… … Details

  • Mii-chan's First Errand
    Yoriko Tsutsui / Akiko Hayashi

    Mii-chan's First Errand はじめてのおつかい

    One day Mommy asks, "Miki, would you like to run an errand on your own?" Miki has never left the house by herself before, but today she will help her Mom by going to the… … Details

  • Grandfather Bonsai
    Etsuko Kibai

    Grandfather Bonsai ぼんさいじいさま

    One bright spring morning, Grandfather goes off as usual to offer rice before the shrine of Benzaiten on the hill behind the house. He tends the chickens and the horse and his bonsai. Done with… … Details

  • The Cat Who Lived One Million Times
    Yōko Sano

    The Cat Who Lived One Million Times 100万回生きたねこ

    A cat has nine lives, the saying goes, but the cat in this book comes back to life a million times, each time falling under a new person's care. It has been a king's pet,… … Details

  • Goodbye, Grandma Erma
    Atsuko Otsuka

    Goodbye, Grandma Erma さよならエルマおばあさん

    This photo picture book depicts the last year in the life of Grandma Erma after she was diagnosed with cancer and told by her doctor that she didn't have long to live. We see her… … Details

  • Summertime
    Takako Sato

    Summertime サマータイム

    Susumu, a fifth-grader, encounters Koichi at the public swimming pool one summer. Koichi is missing his left arm, but manages to swim despite his disability. On the way home from the pool a violent thunderstorm… … Details

  • Belly Button
    Yoshifumi Hasegawa

    Belly Button おへそのあな

    From safe inside its mother's womb, a baby peeks out through the belly button at the world beyond. It sees its brother constructing a robot: "I'm gonna give this to the baby!" he says, smiling.… … Details

  • The Child Who Was Born
    Yōko Sano

    The Child Who Was Born うまれてきた子ども

    A child who chose not to be born has come to this world to observe it. He's not afraid of roaring lions, and mosquito bites don't make him itch. He hasn't been born yet, after… … Details

  • Riding a Horse of Smoke: Young Shakespeare’s Adventure
    Hideko Ogawa

    Riding a Horse of Smoke: Young Shakespeare’s Adventure けむり馬に乗って:少年シェイクスピアの冒険

    This historical fantasy shifts back and forth between 16th-century England and Japan. The hero is young Will Shakespeare, only 11 at the time. Will's father, a successful glovemaker and town alderman, berates his son for… … Details

  • The Cradle of the Trees
    Noriko Ogiwara

    The Cradle of the Trees 樹上のゆりかご

    This book conjures up a mysterious aura centered on the complex thoughts and feelings of teenage girls at a prestigious and competitive public high school. Hiromi Ueda, the heroine, is a junior with premonitions that… … Details

  • The Door of November
    Hōko Takadono

    The Door of November 十一月の扉

    It is early November when Sawako, in her second year of middle school, discovers a mysterious European-style building in her town. She learns that it is a boarding house with the quaint name November House.… … Details

  • Sachiko’s Garden
    Akira Honda

    Exhausted by troubled relationships with her classmates, sixth-grader Sachiko stops going to school. One morning she wakes up late as usual to find her family in a panic. The problem is the garden, which her… … Details

  • Gardening Boys
    Naoko Uozumi

    Gardening Boys 園芸少年

    Tatsuya Shinozaki meets the guy just before his first year of high school?judging by his clothes, a delinquent type that no one in their right mind would want to hang out with. But when Tatsuya… … Details

  • The Eternal Exit
    Eto Mori

    The Eternal Exit 永遠の出口

    The setting for all nine of the short stories in this collection is a housing development in a Tokyo suburb, 40 minutes by bicycle from the nearest train station. The episodes span the preteen and… … Details

  • Hiroshima no Pika
    Toshi Maruki

    Hiroshima no Pika ひろしまのピカ

    On a clear summer morning, the seven rivers of Hiroshima flow tranquilly through the city and people board the streetcars slowly plying the main avenues. A young girl, Mii, happily wolfs down a meal of… … Details

  • The Spider Lily Is the Fox’s Hairpin
    Shaw Kuzki (Shō Kutsuki)

    The Spider Lily Is the Fox’s Hairpin 彼岸花はきつねのかんざし

    It's spring, and a small dog frolics in a lotus field. But how could this be??Japan is in the midst of war, and even pets have been requisitioned by the government. In this jarring way,… … Details

  • The Hair Ornament of August
    Masamoto Nasu

    The Hair Ornament of August 八月の髪かざり

    Hisae, who has returned from Tokyo to her hometown of Hiroshima, is an elderly woman who enjoys her solitary life making stuffed dolls, which she hands out to children as presents, earning her the nickname… … Details

  • The Atomic Bomb of Hiroshima in Pictures
    Masamoto Nasu / Shigeo Nishimura

    The Atomic Bomb of Hiroshima in Pictures 絵で読む 広島の原爆

    Massive in size and scope, this picture book is a comprehensive and in-depth look at the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Author Masamoto Nasu is himself a victim of the bombing. A Hiroshima native, he was… … Details

  • A Little More
    Miyoko Matsutani / Osamu Tsukasa

    A Little More まちんと

    On the morning of August 6, 1945, a young girl in Hiroshima is happily eating a tomato when the atomic bomb explodes. Injured, she longs for just another taste of the rare treat, crying machinto,… … Details

  • When I Was a Child
    Arata Osada / Chihiro Iwasaki

    When I Was a Child わたしがちいさかったときに

    This is a selection of some 30 accounts from Children of the A-Bomb and From Under the Atomic Cloud, compilations of essays and poetry by young survivors of the atomic bomb that were first published… … Details