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  • The Ghost Art Museum 5: Much Ado about the Ghost Amusement Park
    Sachiko Kashiwaba / Takako Hirai

    The Ghost Art Museum 5: Much Ado about the Ghost Amusement Park おばけ美術館5:おばけ遊園地は大さわぎ

    In Welcome to the Ghost Art Museum!, the inaugural volume of what has now become a popular series, a fifth-grade girl named Mahiru became the director of the eponymous museum in accordance with the original… … Details

  • The Bum Detective: Master Thief vs. Gumshoe

    The Bum Detective: Master Thief vs. Gumshoe おしりたんてい かいとう VS たんてい

    This is the fourth volume of the Oshiri tantei (The Bum Detective) series of illustrated books featuring a detective with a face like a butt and a brilliant deductive mind, who is also known for… … Details

  • 3D Animal Puzzles
    Kōji Ishikawa

    3D Animal Puzzles どうぶつくみたてパズル

    Kōji Ishikawa is the author of the hugely popular Katanuki ehon (What Am I? Cutout Picture Books) series in which turning a page with one or more special cutouts completes the picture and answers the… … Details

  • I Have a Complaint
    Shinsuke Yoshitake

    I Have a Complaint ふまんがあります

    This is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to author Shinsuke Yoshitake’s wacky Riyū ga arimasu (I Have a Reason), in which the child justifies his nose-picking, nail-biting, and other bad habits by coming up with imaginative… … Details

  • I Have a Reason
    Shinsuke Yoshitake

    I Have a Reason りゆうがあります

    The popular author of Ringo kamo shirenai (It Might Be an Apple) here takes up the subject of undesirable habits—picking one’s nose, biting one’s nails, jiggling one’s knee, and the like. Although these are the… … Details

  • Puddle
    Maho Tonouchi

    Puddle みずたまり

    A kindergarten boy named Fuku goes outside after some rain and finds a big puddle of water in front of his house. He sloshes into it with his rubber boots and is splashing around when… … Details

  • The Little Black Bear’s Neckerchief
    Yukiko Kobayashi

    The Little Black Bear’s Neckerchief くろくまくんのスカーフ

    This is a sequel to Kurokuma-kun no pankēki (Pancakes with the Little Black Bears) featuring the three bear brothers Kooi, Koof, and Koos.? One day when the three bears get back from a walk in… … Details

  • Good Contest!!
    Mayuko Kishira

    Good Contest!! しょうぶだ!!

    The satisfaction of a hard-fought contest is portrayed in a humorous way. A cow who’s so weak, a hare who’s so slow, and a pig who’s so skinny that no other cow or hare or… … Details

  • The Greedy Wolf
    Mayuko Kishira

    The Greedy Wolf よくばりおおかみ

    A hungry wolf comes to Sheep Park intending to catch himself some dinner. He climbs into a tree where he has a good view of the area and begins assessing the situation with his telescope.… … Details

  • Twelve Munchkins in the Forest
    Hiroaki Hara & Birthday

    Twelve Munchkins in the Forest こびとの森の12にん

    Ruby is a little munchkin who lives in the forest with Big Mama, who loves to cook, Little Papa, who’s good with his hands, and her nine little munchkin brothers and sisters. The munchkins are… … Details

  • Adventure! Discovery! Spectacular Mazes: The Legend of Magicalune
    Hiroaki Hara & Birthday

    This is one of 14 volumes to date in the Bōken! Hakken! Dai-meiro! (Adventure! Discovery! Spectacular Mazes) series of books that call for readers to solve mazes and hidden-picture puzzles as part of a fanciful… … Details

  • What We Become When Baby Comes
    Kanayo Sugiyama

    What We Become When Baby Comes あかちゃんが うまれたら なるなる なんに なる?

    A little girl who has a new baby brother enumerates all the things she and her parents “become” as a result, beginning with “I become a big sister.” Her mother “becomes me and the baby’s… … Details

  • My Hat
    Yōko Sano

    My Hat わたしのぼうし

    A little girl of about kindergarten age narrates this story. She has a white hat with a red flower on it. Her brother, a year or two older, has a white hat with a blue… … Details

  • Night Boat
    Haruo Yamashita / Ken Kuroi

    Night Boat よるのふね

    After supper, Papa goes out onto the upstairs balcony to smoke. He’s still out there in the dark when a small earthquake hits, and little Misaki takes a penlight with her to check on him.… … Details

  • The Puppet Family Moves Away
    Mutsumi Ishii / Kuniko Nagasaki

    The Puppet Family Moves Away おにんぎょうさんのおひっこし

    A little girl loves playing with her finger puppets?a family that includes a father, mother, sisters Ayu and Ami, and their pet dog. Yesterday she played only with Ami because the others were missing, and… … Details

  • Pola, the Abandoned Cat
    Kayoko Furiya

    Pola, the Abandoned Cat のらねこのポラ

    Some strange men take Pola the cat to the woods and leave him there after Gramps, his owner, dies. He spends a long uneasy night alone in the dark woods. The next morning he meets… … Details

  • Gonsa the Cat
    Kinji Ishikura

    Gonsa the Cat ねこのゴンサ

    The story is told from the point of view of Gonsa, a cat living with an old man whose advancing dementia requires him to move into an eldercare facility. On the day of the move,… … Details

  • A Visual Guide to Environmental Destruction: The Future of the Earth Is in Our Hands
    Kōichi Fujiwara

    A Visual Guide to Environmental Destruction: The Future of the Earth Is in Our Hands 環境破壊図鑑: ぼくたちがつくる地球の未来

    The permafrost in polar regions melts. Less than ten percent of the world’s virgin forests remain. More than 100,000 baby seals drown due to global warming. Wild elephants scavenge for food in plastic garbage bags… … Details

  • The 36th Parallel North
    Yutaka Kobayashi

    The 36th Parallel North えほん北緯36度線

    Starting in Tokyo, a large mysterious bird leads two young boys around the world on a journey that traces the 36th parallel, encountering different cultures along the way. The story begins as a great white… … Details

  • Wolf Mimic
    Tatsuya Miyanishi

    Wolf Mimic まねまねおおかみ

    Wolf loves to mimic other animals. He sees a turtle and improvises a rounded shell on his back; he sees a bat and dangles curtains from his arms for wings; sees a panda and marks… … Details