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  • Egg Circus
    Junko Fukuda

    Egg Circus たまごサーカス

    When Mama asks him to get her an egg, the little boy remembers the juggling clown he saw in the town square that day and tosses it in the air, only to have it fall… … Details

  • A Small Light Deep in the Woods
    Yoshiko Kōyama / Kōzō Kakimoto

    A Small Light Deep in the Woods もりのおくのちいさなひ

    Snow continues to fall day after day, and Fox can’t go out to play. Then one night the storm finally stops. He ventures out, and seeing a light deep in the woods, he decides to… … Details

  • When Animals Are Born
    Mamoru Suzuki

    When Animals Are Born どうぶつのあかちゃんうまれた

    One day the family cat crawls into bed with a little boy. As he rubs her stomach, he feels something wet. When he looks under the blankets, he discovers that she is giving birth to… … Details

  • Mt. Fuji Erupts
    Satoshi Kako

    Mt. Fuji Erupts 富士山大ばくはつ

    This is the first title in the author’s ten-volume scientific picture-book series, Kako Satoshi daishizen no fushigi ehon (Satoshi Kako’s Wonders of Nature Picture Books). It offers an account of Japan’s tallest and most striking… … Details

  • All Aboard!
    Nobuyuki Mitamura / Kōzō Kakimoto

    All Aboard! しゅっぱつしんこう!

    Yutaka lives on the first floor of an apartment block. He loves trains. One night he wakes up to discover that the toy train he likes to keep by the head of his bed is… … Details

  • The Family of Fourteen Fix Breakfast
    Kazuo Iwamura

    The Family of Fourteen Fix Breakfast 14ひきのあさごはん

    A picture-book series portraying the activities of a three-generation household of mice?Mama, Papa, Grandpa, Grandma, and ten children?The Family of Fourteen has grown to a dozen volumes and sold over ten million copies in Japanese… … Details

  • A Mother’s Heart
    Rintarō Uchida / Keiko Ajito

    A Mother’s Heart かあさんのこころ

    The story opens when the narrator is still a very small bear. Having lost his mother at an early age, he often feels wrapped in sadness, even as he grows into a young boy. When… … Details

  • Rumble Rumble, Rumble-Umble
    Yoshiko Kōyama / Kōzō Kakimoto

    Rumble Rumble, Rumble-Umble ごろりんごろんころろろろ

    Rabbit builds a sturdy round table out of wood. He wants it to be for all his friends to use, so he loads it onto a cart to haul it up to a spot on… … Details

  • The Giving Chair
    Yoshiko Kōyama / Kōzō Kakimoto

    The Giving Chair どうぞのいす

    Rabbit constructs a small wooden chair and places it next to a tree. He also posts a sign next to it saying “For You,” to make it clear that he intends it to be for… … Details

  • Hickory Nuts
    Yoshiko Kōyama / Kōzō Kakimoto

    Hickory Nuts ヒッコリーのきのみ

    One autumn morning, Mama squirrel watches as her little Bobbi goes off into the woods to gather hickory nuts. The nuts have fallen from the trees and are scattered on the ground here and there.… … Details

  • What Happened? What’s Wrong?
    Arata Tendō / Ryōji Arai

    What Happened? What’s Wrong? どーしたどーした

    This is the story of Zen, a third grader who never stops asking Dōshita??a versatile question with many meanings dependent on context: What’s up? What happened? What’s the problem? What did you do? How do… … Details

  • Died for Me
    Shuntarō Tanikawa / Yasushi Tsukamoto

    Died for Me しんでくれた

    This is an adaptation in picture-book form of a single poem (with the same arresting title) from Shuntarō Tanikawa’s poetry collection Boku wa boku (I Am Me). “The cow / Died for me / And… … Details

  • A Speech by the Poorest President in the World
    Yoshimi Kusaba / Gaku Nakagawa

    A Speech by the Poorest President in the World 世界でいちばん貧しい大統領のスピーチ

    The Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development was held from June 20 to 22, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A stirring speech given at the conference by President Jose Mujica of Uruguay is… … Details

  • Aesop’s Fables
    Ayano Imai

    Aesop’s Fables イソップ物語

    The author selects 13 of Aesop’s classic fables and illustrates them with beautiful, richly imaginative drawings that bring new perspectives to each. Included are The Cockerel and the Jewel, The Kid and the Wolf, The… … Details

  • Wolf Wants to Make Friends, Too
    Tomoko Sakura / Yōko Imoto

    Wolf Wants to Make Friends, Too ともだちほしいなおおかみくん

    Wolf is actually a gentle soul who hates being alone. But the animals of the forest are all afraid of him and don’t want to play together. One day he shouts as loud as he… … Details

  • Ditzy Otchoko’s Search
    Satoshi Itaya

    Ditzy Otchoko’s Search オッチョコさんのさがしもの

    A story about the kindhearted but slightly ditzy pig Otchoko, rendered with a sympathetic view that warms readers’ hearts. Delighted by the beautiful weather, Otchoko goes out for a walk and finds a stuffed-toy mouse… … Details

  • Flotation Ring Cat
    Mimi Hachikai / Chiho Makino

    Flotation Ring Cat うきわねこ

    On his birthday, the young cat Ebio receives a package from Grandpa. In it are a flotation ring and a letter. “This is a very special flotation ring,” writes Grandpa. “Keep it somewhere safe until… … Details

  • The Tiny King
    Taro Miura

    The Tiny King ちいさなおうさま

    A simple but heartwarming story about the happiness that comes with family. Once upon a time there lived a tiny king in a land far, far away. He had an army of big soldiers, and… … Details

  • Working Wheels: Will It Reach?
    Taro Miura

    Working Wheels: Will It Reach? とどくかな (はたらくくるま)

    Compared to normal cars and trucks, heavy equipment makes bigger, more powerful noises, is shaped differently, and accomplishes tasks those regular vehicles cannot do. As such, it is an endless source of fascination to small… … Details

  • Chiko in the Land of Doors
    Kunio Iwaya / Noriko Ueno

    Chiko in the Land of Doors 扉の国のチコ

    Chiko is always alone. It’s partly because of the trouble with her eyes?she doesn’t have particularly poor vision, but she often sees double?which has made her subject to teasing by her peers. Then she receives… … Details