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  • Together with Mofumo
    Suzune Satō / Mon

    Together with Mofumo もふもちゃんといっしょ

    Through the upstairs window of her red-roofed house, a little girl of about kindergarten age can be seen crying. She seems to have had a tiff with her best friend. “I’m never going to play… … Details

  • It’s My Lucky Day!
    Tatsuya Miyanishi

    It’s My Lucky Day! きょうはなんてうんがいいんだろう

    Wol the wolf is walking through the woods when he comes upon a whole bunch of piglets taking a nap?so many of them that he gives up counting. “It’s my lucky day!” he howls in… … Details

  • The Big Zelkova
    Kirin Hayashi / Takako Hirono

    The Big Zelkova おおきなけやき

    On the last really cold day of winter, the tallest zelkova tree in the woods falls to the ground. It was also the oldest tree in the woods. As spring arrives, grasses, flowers, and animals… … Details

  • This Is Round
    Hirotaka Nakagawa / Tupera Tupera

    This Is Round これはまる

    Have you ever taken something round and said it looks like the sun, or a face, or something good to eat? There are countless things around us that are at least roughly circular in shape,… … Details

  • The Fish That Couldn’t Swim
    Keiko Sena

    The Fish That Couldn’t Swim およげないさかな

    A whole bunch of baby fish hatch at the bottom of the ocean, but one of them can’t swim. He has to crawl along the sea floor instead. Eventually he crawls all the way to… … Details

  • Neighbor Tanuki
    Keiko Sena

    Neighbor Tanuki となりのたぬき

    Rabbit and his neighbor Tanuki don’t get along. Whenever they see each other, they get into arguments, and sometimes exchange fisticuffs. “I hate him, I hate him,” Rabbit cries out one night in frustration, looking… … Details

  • Dandelion Cat
    Keiko Sena

    Dandelion Cat たんぽぽねこ

    It’s springtime. A white cat is having fun chasing dandelion seed tufts as they waft through the air. When she sees an expanse of full puffballs still on their stems in the meadow, she gets… … Details

  • Little Dotty
    Kirin Hayashi / Ai Akikusa

    Little Dotty みずたまちゃん

    Little Dotty loves polka dots. One cold winter’s day, she wraps herself from head to toe in polka dots as she gets ready to go out?her dress, her stockings, her handkerchief, her coat, her hat,… … Details

  • A Scary Story
    Keiko Sena

    A Scary Story こわーいはなし

    On a snowy day, a little ghost gets lost in the mountains. Relieved to see a rabbit, it calls out to ask for directions, but the rabbit is terrified at the sight of a ghost… … Details

  • Acting Mean
    Keiko Sena

    Acting Mean いじわる

    A little boy named Tābō makes a snowman. It’s a tall snowman, bigger than himself, and he worked hard at it. He’s very proud of his creation, so he looks up at the sun and… … Details

  • Sheep Buns
    Tadashi Akiyama

    Sheep Buns ひつじぱん

    The baker is a cute little sheep. Each day he kneads his dough and puts it in the oven, and all must wait until it’s done to find out what kind of bread he has… … Details

  • Tiger Cat and Black Cat
    Tatsuya Miyanishi

    Tiger Cat and Black Cat トラネコとクロネコ

    Tama the tiger cat and Bruce the black cat find a juicy peach lying on the ground, and promptly start fighting over who saw it first. An initial exchange of threats pitting one’s sharp teeth… … Details

  • We Met Spring
    Kyōko Hara / Kōshirō Hata

    We Met Spring はるにあえたよ

    Mark and Matt are twin bear cubs. Just awakened from hibernation, they have yet to experience their first spring. Their parents tell them that as the season arrives, it grows warmer, green plants sprout from… … Details

  • Panpaka Underpants: Are the Ghost Pants Scary Pants?

    Panpaka Underpants: Are the Ghost Pants Scary Pants? パンパカパンツ おばけパンツはこわいパンツ?

    This is a picture-book spinoff of the highly popular children’s television series Panpaka pantsu o-New! (Panpaka Underpants, Spanking New!), launched in April 2015. An animated piglet named Panpaka, who is particularly fond of underpants, performs… … Details

  • All in for the Boy Detectives Club
    Osamu Fujitani

    Edogawa Ranpo, whose adopted pen name closely mimics the pronunciation of Edgar Allan Poe in Japanese, is generally regarded as the father of modern Japanese mystery fiction. This book is the second volume in Poplar… … Details

  • Miru the Cat and Chimmy the Mouse
    Hiroaki Hara / Yoriko Moriyama

    Miru the Cat and Chimmy the Mouse ねこのミルとねずみのチムニー

    Miru the cat is somewhat timid, but nonetheless curious about the mouse he always sees sitting on a tree stump reading a book. He finally musters the courage to introduce himself and learns that the… … Details

  • The End of the World
    Masamoto Nasu

    The End of the World ジ エンド オブ ザ ワールド

    Ten short stories peer into the abyss that is the human heart, leaving an indelible impression on the reader. In the title piece, war in the Middle East sparks a global nuclear conflagration. A boy… … Details

  • Pen and Guin Go Fishing for Something Big
    Tatsuya Miyanishi

    Pen and Guin Go Fishing for Something Big ペンちゃんギンちゃんおおきいのをつりたいね!

    The penguins Pen and Guin are the best of buddies. One day they decide to go fishing. “Wouldn’t it be great if we caught something really big?” they say. They dangle their lines through a… … Details

  • Heart and Beard
    Yumiko Shimaoka / Mohamed Charinda

    Heart and Beard しんぞうとひげ

    Once upon a time there were a heart and a beard. Because they were poor, they were often hungry. They had both gone without food for 21 days, filling their bellies with nothing but water,… … Details

  • Yumemino Station Lost and Found
    Mikie Andō

    Yumemino Station Lost and Found ゆめみの駅遺失物係

    The narrator is a girl who has only recently entered middle school when family circumstances force her to transfer to a new school. In effect retreating into her own private shell, she makes up her… … Details