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  • Realm of the Dead / Triumphant March into Port Arthur
    Hyakken Uchida

    Strongly influenced by the works of the German Romantics and suffused with grotesque imagery rooted in the anxieties and uncertainty of human existence, the 18 fantastical tales in Realm of the Dead are distillations of the… … Details

  • The Forty-Seven Ronin
    Jiro Osaragi

    This novel depicting one of the most famous examples of bushido, the code of the samurai, is based on a series of incidents that took place between 1701 and 1703. In 1701 an imperial envoy… … Details

  • Supermarket, the Novel
    Satoshi Azuchi

    Supermarket, the Novel 小説スーパーマーケット

    This novel depicting the corporate world of Japan's supermarket industry was the basis for film director Juzo Itami's The Supermarket Woman. The protagonist, a man named Kojima, was once an elite banker at one of… … Details

  • O Mother
    So Aono

    O Mother 母よ

    The writings in this book, collectively a poetic message from the writer to his mother, who died when he was young, won the Yomiuri Literary Prize in 1992. The sequence of five stories in this… … Details

  • White-haired Melody
    Yoshikichi Furui

    This novel is a record of the daily experiences of a man approaching old age. It delves into the essential but hidden nature of his everyday life, employing prose that is relentless in its re-creation… … Details

  • A Dark Night's Passing
    Naoya Shiga

    A Dark Night's Passing is one of the great classics of modern Japanese literature. Kensaku Tokito is the product of an illicit union between his mother and paternal grandfather. Raised by this grandfather after his mother's… … Details

  • My Blood Is Someone Else’s
    Yasutaka Tsutsui

    My Blood Is Someone Else’s おれの血は他人の血

    Inspired by Dashiell Hammet's Red Harvest, this outrageous novel about corruption and fighting in a small town is one of the finest examples of the author's experiments in pulp fiction. Kinukawa is a young businessman… … Details

  • Hell
    Yasutaka Tsutsui

    Hell ヘル

    The vividly surreal depiction of Hell portrayed in this book is as enchanting as it is grim. The story has been highly praised for its poetic style, which is said to read like a series… … Details

  • Prayer in the Ruins
    Joh Sasaki

    Prayer in the Ruins 廃墟に乞う

    Takashi Sendo, a police detective on leave for a depressive emotional disorder, is the protagonist of this set of linked stories about six incidents in small-town Hokkaido. Although still recuperating and without any official authority,… … Details

  • Ground Zero
    Yuichi Seirai

    These six linked stories examine life in Nagasaki six decades after the atomic bomb detonated over the city at 11:02 a.m. on August 9, 1945. Nagasaki is historically marked not only by that catastrophe but… … Details

  • Final Dwelling
    Ken'ichiro Isozaki

    Final Dwelling 終の住処

    A plot summary does little justice to this novella, which essentially concerns time itself. The tale fast-forwards through more than two decades in the life together of a husband and wife (neither even named) who… … Details

  • Breasts and Eggs
    Mieko Kawakami

    The title pretty much says it all about this novella and its frank focus on female sexuality. The story unfolds from the perspective of a narrator whose life alone in Tokyo is disrupted when her… … Details

  • A Grave for Nameless Orphans
    Masaya Nakahara

    A Grave for Nameless Orphans 名もなき孤児たちの墓

    "Dumb" 81, "blood" 25, "sex" 18: that's the tally novelist Hiromi Kawakami gave in a book review of the number of times each word appears in this collection of 16 stories, which includes the Akutagawa… … Details

  • A Morning When Time Bleeds
    Yang Yi

    Liang Haoyuan and Xie Zhiqiang, respectively the son of a teacher and of a farmer, grow up together in a small village on China's Huangtu Plateau. Fired with ambition, the friends study hard and are… … Details

  • Moon and Crab
    Shūsuke Michio

    Moon and Crab 月と蟹

    The town of Kamakura in early summer provides the backdrop for this powerfully told novel focusing on ten-year-old Shin'ichi. Two years earlier, after his father's business failed, Shin'ichi moved into his paternal grandfather's solitary home… … Details

  • Wasabi for Breakfast
    Fumiko Kometani

    Wasabi for Breakfast ファミリー・ビジネス

    This book contains two separate first-person novels of medium length: Famiri bijinesu (tr. Wasabi for Breakfast), set in Japan, and Sen ippon no hibashira (A Thousand and One Pillars of Flame), set in the United States.… … Details

  • A Cappella
    Mariko Koike

    A Cappella 無伴奏

    This is a tale of intense, heartbreaking love in adolescence, and the tragedy it gives rise to. The story opens as the main character, Kyoko Noma, visits the city of Sendai, where she used to… … Details

  • Shot by Both Sides
    Meisei Goto

    This stream-of-consciousness novel about a man seeking evidence of his own existence through recollection has been praised by critics in Japan for its unique style. One evening, while standing on a bridge waiting for a… … Details

  • Post-World War II Japanese Short Stories, Volume 2: Toward the Wellsprings of Sexual Desire

    In the over 60 years that have passed since the end of World War II, the Japanese have successively rebuilt their country out of the charred ruins of their homes and the chaos of a… … Details

  • Post-World War II Japanese Short Stories, Volume 1: The Joys and Sorrows of Youth

    In the over 60 years that have passed since the end of World War II, the Japanese have successively rebuilt their country out of the charred ruins of their homes and the chaos of a… … Details