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  • “I Was Happy to Be with You”: Lovely Stories I Heard from Dogs
    Hana Yamaguchi

    “I Was Happy to Be with You”: Lovely Stories I Heard from Dogs あなたと暮らせてよかった―犬から聞いた素敵な話

    Dogs can be members of our family, and partners in our lives. That was the message of the author’s previous work, Lovely Stories I Heard from Dogs: Fourteen Tales That Will Make You Cry, a… … Details

  • Scrap and Build
    Keisuke Hada

    Scrap and Build スクラップ・アンド・ビルド

    This is the story of an unemployed young man who becomes his elderly grandfather’s main caregiver. Twenty-eight-year-old Kento Tanaka lives in suburban Tokyo with his mother, who still holds down a full-time job in her… … Details

  • My One True Love
    Takahiro Ueda

    My One True Love 私の恋人

    Author Takahiro Ueda has earned a reputation for breaking the normal conventions of fiction, and in this work he trains his sights on 100,000 years of human history. The first-person narrator addresses both other characters… … Details

  • Laplace’s Witch
    Keigo Higashino

    Laplace’s Witch ラプラスの魔女

    Author Keigo Higashino marks 30 years since his literary debut with this, his 80th work, a scientific mystery. A death occurs at Akakuma Hot Springs in northeastern Honshu. The deceased is a hotshot film producer,… … Details

  • Burning Beloved
    Kanako Nishi

    Burning Beloved 炎上する君

    This volume contains eight short stories about people who become caught up in some fixation and find it altering their lives. The title story centers on two women, Nashida and Hamanaka, who have been close friends… … Details

  • About Kiriko
    Kanako Nishi

    About Kiriko きりこについて

    Raised by loving parents, Kiriko grows up with a strong sense of self-esteem, and she is a leader from the time she is small. When she’s in the first grade, she finds a black kitten… … Details

  • Mornings without Mii
    Mayumi Inaba

    Mornings without Mii ミーのいない朝

    At the outset, author Mayumi Inaba is working for an interior design agency while writing poetry and fiction on the side with her sights set on becoming a published writer. One day near the end… … Details

  • Bibi Goes to Africa
    Ichirō Tagawa / Mitsuo Nakamura

    Bibi Goes to Africa ビビのアフリカ旅行

    This is a sequel to Bibi, a picture book for adults set in author Ichirō Tagawa’s hometown in Yamaguchi Prefecture and telling of a stray cat named Bibi and a middle-aged man who have a… … Details

  • The Phantom on December 8
    Fuyuaki Jikihara

    The Phantom on December 8 十二月八日の幻影

    An intelligent and thrilling entertainment that follows the covert exploits of spies on the eve of hostilities between Japan and the United States in December 1941. Saburō Shiota is an ensign in the Imperial Navy.… … Details

  • Century Law
    Muneki Yamada

    Century Law 百年法

    This highly suspenseful science-fiction novel is set in a future when humanity has discovered how to stop the aging process and yet must deal with the consequences. Japan, now a republic, faces multiple national crises… … Details

  • Violeta
    Haruna Terachi

    Violeta ビオレタ

    Tae Tanaka is 27. She quits her job to marry Shin’ichi, the man she has been seeing for four years, only to have him call off the wedding and break up with her. She is… … Details

  • Takeoff
    Akiko Itoyama

    Takeoff 離陸

    Though this narrative is structured as a suspenseful mystery, much of its interest lies in the telling way author Akiko Itoyama probes the emotional and psychological effects of sudden loss. Hiromu Satō grew up in… … Details

  • The Heroic Legend of Arslan 1: The Royal Capital Burns
    Yoshiki Tanaka

    The Heroic Legend of Arslan 1: The Royal Capital Burns アルスラーン戦記1:王都炎上

    Known for its abundant resources, the Kingdom of Pars has been subject to numerous attacks by surrounding states, but it has always successfully repelled them. So when the Lusitanian army invades, King Andragoras III never… … Details

  • Forbidden Magic
    Keigo Higashino

    Forbidden Magic 禁断の魔術

    What science and technology can achieve depends on the character of the user, and in the wrong hands is liable to become “forbidden magic” . . . In 2012, author Keigo Higashino published two volumes… … Details

  • Wujing’s Departure
    Manabu Makime

    This volume contains five short stories that could be called “spinoffs” of well-known Chinese classics. Author Manabu Makime trains his lens on supporting characters as a means of highlighting the allure of classical Chinese literature… … Details

  • Hunting Heizō
    Gō Ōsaka

    Hunting Heizō 平蔵狩り

    Beginning in 1967, the best-selling period-fiction author Shōtarō Ikenami (1923?90) created the tremendously popular Onihei hankachō (Onihei’s Crime Stories) series featuring Hasegawa Heizō (1745?95), a real-life crime fighter in the city of Edo?today’s Tokyo?during the… … Details

  • Sun/Planet
    Takahiro Ueda

    Sun/Planet 太陽・惑星

    Two futuristic novellas present bold and highly intriguing thought experiments on extreme eventualities the world could face in times ahead. In Taiyō (Sun), an artist named Michel Tayama believes that if the nuclear fusion that… … Details

  • Growing-Up Candy
    Naoya Higuchi

    Growing-Up Candy 大人ドロップ

    A new business client’s smile reminds the unnamed narrator of a girl he was smitten with in high school, which ultimately leads to him telling her the story of a memorable summer from his youth.… … Details

  • Budōkan
    Ryō Asai

    Budōkan 武道館

    The Budōkan?literally “Martial Arts Hall”?was built as the venue for the judo competitions at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and quickly became the place where all martial artists aspired to compete. National championships for various sports… … Details

  • If Cats Were to Disappear from the Earth
    Genki Kawamura

    If Cats Were to Disappear from the Earth 世界から猫が消えたなら

    The 30-year-old narrator, a mailman, goes to the doctor with a persistent cold one Monday, only to be told that he has a grade IV brain tumor and very little time to live. He stumbles… … Details