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  • Happiness in the Form of a Cat
    Rui Kodemari

    Happiness in the Form of a Cat 猫の形をした幸福

    Set against the constantly changing seasons of the American countryside, this story tells of the powerful bond that forms between a married couple and their beloved cat. It is based on author Rui Kodemari’s own… … Details

  • Where Sky and Ocean Meet
    Rui Kodemari

    Where Sky and Ocean Meet 空と海のであう場所

    Konoha Kakehashi, 32, is a freelance illustrator. One day she receives a request from the publisher of a forthcoming children’s story by Yūi Igarashi, alias “Arashi,” to provide illustrations for the volume. According to the… … Details

  • Metamorphosis
    Keisuke Hada

    Metamorphosis メタモルフォシス

    This volume’s two novellas feature sadomasochistic sex play in which the male partner is disciplined by a female “queen.” The name of the title work involves a clever bilingual wordplay. Metamorphosis refers to the process… … Details

  • Geckos, Frogs, and Butterflies
    Kaori Ekuni

    Geckos, Frogs, and Butterflies ヤモリ、カエル、シジミチョウ

    An unconventional novel about a married couple and their two children, told from multiple points of view?most prominently that of their five-year-old son, from whose not entirely juvenile perspective such themes as family, life and… … Details

  • Tokyo Imperial University Professor Eco
    Yoshinobu Kadoi

    A Japanese professor whose character is loosely inspired by Umberto Eco, the Italian semiotician, philosopher, and author of the best-selling The Name of the Rose, is the protagonist of this historical mystery set at the… … Details

  • Lone Wolf’s Issue
    Yūko Yuzuki

    This hardboiled thriller features a rogue detective who has no qualms about bending the law if it will help rein in the battling yakuza gangs of his city. The time is 1988, an era when… … Details

  • Soy! A Tale of the Magnificent Bean
    Shin Segawa

    Soy! A Tale of the Magnificent Bean SOY!大いなる豆の物語

    A novel in which a young man who lives on the outskirts of Tokyo and has no stable job traces his roots back over a hundred years and gains a new perspective on his life… … Details

  • Stars or Beasts
    Tahi Saihate

    Stars or Beasts 星か獣になる季節

    This volume by a poet making her first foray into fiction contains two novellas linked through shared characters and events. The title refers to a line said to be from an English textbook, which describes… … Details

  • One Horn!
    Kyōko Nakajima

    One Horn! かたづの!

    Set in the final years of Japan’s turbulent Sengoku period (c. 1467?1603) and the first few decades of the Edo era (1603?1867), the story portrays the life of a minor feudal lord’s wife who steps… … Details

  • One in 1.3 Billion: The Man Who Won the Chinese Throne after the Greatest Power Struggle in the World
    Kenji Minemura

    One in 1.3 Billion: The Man Who Won the Chinese Throne after the Greatest Power Struggle in the World 十三億分の一の男 中国皇帝を巡る人類最大の権力闘争

    Based on his personal, on-the-ground reporting from Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, and elsewhere, author Kenji Minemura offers up a behind-the-scenes account of recent U.S.-China relations, as well as of the inside politics that… … Details

  • The Woman on Everybody's Lips
    Hideo Okuda

    In a depressed regional city where there are few decent jobs and old customs die hard, an enchantress wraps wealthy men around her little finger and ultimately rakes in their money. Although she is not… … Details

  • Diana the Book Clerk
    Asako Yuzuki

    Diana the Book Clerk 本屋さんのダイアナ

    With story elements and associations that have prompted its publisher to call it “a contemporary Anne of Green Gables,” this tale centers on Diana, eight years old at the outset and a lover of books… … Details

  • A Long Goodbye
    Kyōko Nakajima

    A Long Goodbye 長いお別れ

    After a career as a middle-school teacher and principal, the retired Shōhei Higashi begins showing signs of dementia in his seventies. Eight linked stories trace the challenges he, his wife, and their three daughters face… … Details

  • Goodbye Nirvana
    Misumi Kubo

    Goodbye Nirvana さよなら、ニルヴァーナ

    A controversial novel based loosely on a series of child assaults and murders that took place in Kōbe in 1997. The real-world events on which this work is based involved attacks on five grade-school children?four… … Details

  • Sublime Chorus
    Kanae Minato

    A collection of four linked stories about Japanese women who find themselves drawn to the South Pacific island nation of Tonga and go through life-changing experiences there. The title work, which comes last in the… … Details

  • Innocent Days
    Kazumasa Hayami

    Innocent Days イノセント・デイズ

    Yukino Tanaka, a 24-year-old woman with a history of stalking her former lover, grows infuriated by his apparently happy marriage and sets fire to the wood-frame apartment building where he lives, killing his wife and… … Details

  • Flower of the Desert
    Ryoue Tsukimura

    A battle-action novel set on eastern Africa’s Somali Peninsula?also known as the Horn of Africa. The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 1st Airborne Brigade is participating in a multinational coalition formed to pursue pirates operating with impunity… … Details

  • The Spell
    Tomoyuki Hoshino

    This novel portraying the growing economic inequalities that divide Japanese society into winners and losers?with the latter venting their frustrations by lashing out at one another?offers a twisted, near-future projection of where the country may… … Details

  • Call Me When You Want to Die
    Yongduk Lee

    Call Me When You Want to Die 死にたくなったら電話して

    In this contemporary romance filled with noir elements, a young man is lifted to the pinnacles of ecstasy when seduced by a peerless beauty, but then just as quickly finds himself plunged into the depths… … Details

  • Let Me Tell You: What Your Dog TRULY Wants to Say

    Let Me Tell You: What Your Dog TRULY Wants to Say 犬の気持ち、通訳します

    “Which foods do you like the best?”“Why do you behave so badly?”“Are you REALLY happy?” Haven’t you ever wanted to ask your pet questions like that?We may never know how they would answer?but Anela does.… … Details