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  • Convenience Store Woman
    Sayaka Murata

    Convenience Store Woman コンビニ人間

    Narrator Keiko Furukura is 36 and unmarried; in fact, she has never even had a boyfriend. She has been working as a convenience store clerk since 1998, when she first left home to go to… … Details

  • Hope Apartments
    Miyuki Miyabe

    This is the fourth title in best-selling author Miyuki Miyabe’s amateur sleuth series featuring the narrator Saburō Sugimura, who gave up his job at a publisher of children’s books to work on the company newsletter… … Details

  • Overwriting Myself
    Fuminori Nakamura

    A thriller that cleverly interweaves criminal mischief and a tale of revenge to probe the role that memory plays in supporting a person’s sense of self. The protagonist is Ryōdai Kozuka, who has penned an… … Details

  • The Playground of the Gods
    Natsu Miyashita

    The Playground of the Gods 神さまたちの遊ぶ庭

    This book is an account of the year author Natsu Miyashita and her family spent living in the remote mountain village of Tomuraushi in Hokkaido. It was this yearlong sojourn surrounded by incomparable natural beauty… … Details

  • Harmonium
    Kōji Fukada

    Harmonium 淵に立つ

    In his literary debut, director Kōji Fukada has personally novelized the film that took the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. The story is set at a… … Details

  • The Trace
    Shaw Kuzki (Shō Kutsuki)

    The Trace 八月の光・あとかた

    On August 6, 1945, 70,000 residents of Hiroshima lost their lives instantaneously beneath the white-hot flash of an atomic bomb, redefining reality for all in the city. How did the survivors overcome the many challenges… … Details

  • Japanese Manga, Volume 1: The Trailblazers and Their Challenges
    Hiroshi Aramata

    Japanese Manga, Volume 1: The Trailblazers and Their Challenges 日本まんが 第壱巻:「先駆者」たちの挑戦

    Over the past few decades the publication medium known as manga, which encompasses a wide variety of comics and graphic novels, has become one of Japan’s proudest contributions to world culture. The term is now… … Details

  • Revolution Eve
    Shinobu Suga

    Revolution Eve 革命前夜

    The Berlin Wall that had restricted travel between East and West Berlin since 1961 was taken down on November 9, 1989, leading shortly thereafter to the demise of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), the… … Details

  • Age
    Shinji Ishii

    Age よはひ

    The volume contains 27 stories linked loosely by a shared theme: the imprint of age. Switching points of view adroitly from that of a small child to the elderly and various ages in between and… … Details

  • Enjoy the Sensual Life Like a Paris Madame
    Mana Iwamoto

    Enjoy the Sensual Life Like a Paris Madame パリのマダムに生涯恋愛現役の秘訣を学ぶ

    Dr. Mana Iwamoto interviewed Parisians in order to find out how they manage to stay young and vital into their fifties and sixties. What she learned from these conversations was simple, and yet profound: residents… … Details

  • Going Gourmet in Kyoto

    Going Gourmet in Kyoto 京都食手帖―京のめぐりあい

    This volume belongs to a series of Kyoto travel guides written from the perspective of residents in order to give visitors a taste of the ancient Japanese capital as the locals know it. Aptly enough… … Details

  • The Famous Wooden Pagodas of Japan
    Kazuhiko Suma

    Pagodas are Chinese and Japanese Buddhist structures that historically derive from Indian stupas, which were originally simple mounds containing the ashes or other relics of the Buddha. They may be built of either wood or… … Details

  • Children of the Himalayas
    Katsumi Uchino

    Children of the Himalayas ヒマラヤに咲く子供たち

    Author and photographer Katsumi Uchino brings us photos of Himalayan children taken over the course of a year and several months in Nepal. The veteran cameraman has long been known for the eye-popping images he… … Details

  • “What If?” Illustrated Guides: The Endangered Species Rescue-Court Files
    Masato Ōbuchi

    “What If?” Illustrated Guides: The Endangered Species Rescue-Court Files 「もしも?」の図鑑:絶滅危惧種救出裁判ファイル

    This is another volume in the series of “What If?” Illustrated Guides. Taking up topics of interest to readers of elementary- and middle-school age and presenting information in ways that are both entertaining and educational,… … Details

  • A Forest of Wool and Steel
    Natsu Miyashita

    Filled with precise and richly sensuous detail about both piano playing and tuning, this novel portrays the psychological coming of age of a young man who has decided to pursue a career as a piano… … Details

  • Downtown Rocket 2: The Gaudi Project
    Jun Ikeido

    Downtown Rocket 2: The Gaudi Project 下町ロケット2 ガウディ計画

    This is a sequel to Jun Ikeido’s Naoki Prize-winning business novel Shitamachi roketto (Downtown Rocket), centering on a small precision machinery manufacturing company run by Kōhei Tsukuda in the old merchant-class district of Tokyo. In… … Details

  • The House Where the Mermaid Sleeps
    Keigo Higashino

    An author better known for his best-selling detective stories tones down the suspense and mystery to bring readers a thought-provoking novel about the dividing line between life and death. The story centers on a family… … Details

  • Unable to Speak Their Names
    Akari Itō

    Unable to Speak Their Names 名前も呼べない

    The two medium-length works of literary fiction in this volume center on women who are the product of broken homes in childhood. The title work, which was awarded the Dazai Osamu Prize, stands out for… … Details

  • The Empty Grave
    Gō Ōsaka

    The Empty Grave 墓標なき街

    Ending a gap of 13 years, this seventh installment in author Gō Ōsaka’s hardboiled suspense series once again features the killer known as “The Shrike.” The notorious fiend’s MO is to stab his victims with… … Details

  • New Karma
    Kō Shinjō

    New Karma ニューカルマ

    A novel portraying the challenges young people face in the Japanese labor market today, with action centering largely on multi-level marketing companies. Yūki Takeda is five years out of college, working in the Sales Support… … Details