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  • Storage for Easy and Sustainable Tidying
    Yuki Kawakami

    Storage for Easy and Sustainable Tidying 収め、納める。 (すっきり片づく、きれいが続く収納)

    A certified interior design coordinator presents her system for eliminating clutter and keeping your closets, dining room, and kitchen neat and tidy. In Chapter One, on closets, author Yuki Kawakami urges readers to imagine setting… … Details

  • Swooningly Cute: Hamster Buns

    Swooningly Cute: Hamster Buns かわいさに悶絶 ハムケツ

    This print photo collection was compiled in response to the craze over pictures of hamster bottoms on Japanese social networking sites and other places around the Internet. Shots of hamster backsides from a popular blog… … Details

  • Kateigahō Supplement: Hairstyles for Hipster Dogs

    Kateigahō Supplement: Hairstyles for Hipster Dogs 別冊家庭画報 最高かっこいい男の子 DOGヘアカタログ

    In this catalog, groomers from 16 leading dog salons present their most dashing hairstyles for male dogs. All of the most popular breeds are represented, including poodles, schnauzers, Yorkies, shih-tzus, and more. Each style is… … Details

  • It’s All in the Gut: The Secret to Good Health after Fifty
    Kōichirō Fujita

    It’s All in the Gut: The Secret to Good Health after Fifty 腸で変わる!病気にならない、50代からの生活習慣

    The average human gut is home to some 30,000 different microbes in a total population estimated to reach a quadrillion. Within the intestines these microorganisms form a complex community that is referred to as the… … Details

  • Kabuki Coloring Book: Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees
    Osamu Hashimoto / Yoshio Okada

    The world of Japan’s kabuki theater comes to hands young and old in a coloring book based on Yoshitsune senbonzakura (Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees), a picture book featuring climactic scenes from a kabuki… … Details

  • Space and Planetary Science from Meteorites
    Jun’ichi Matsuda

    Space and Planetary Science from Meteorites 隕石でわかる宇宙惑星科学

    A retired scientist expounds on the joys of planetary and space science in terms that the layperson can understand. With infectious enthusiasm, author Jun’ichi Matsuda unravels for readers many mysteries of the universe, the solar… … Details

  • Yakuzen Recipes to Improve Your Health
    Nami Tatsumi

    Yakuzen Recipes to Improve Your Health 体質改善のための薬膳

    Yakuzen in Japanese refers to “medicinal food”?food prepared according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in order to achieve a therapeutic effect. In TCM, health problems are associated with body constitution or type.… … Details

  • Rika Yukimasa’s Vinegar Dishes
    Rika Yukimasa

    Rika Yukimasa’s Vinegar Dishes 行正り香のお酢料理

    Popular chef and “cooking researcher” Rika Yukimasa presents a collection of recipes that make use of vinegar. Although vinegar is considered to have important health benefits as an ingredient in cooking, many people find its… … Details

  • Neat and Tidy Storage
    Emiko Katō

    Neat and Tidy Storage 好きなモノと美しく暮らす収納のルール

    Veteran interior designer Emiko Kato shares her expert knowledge on how to live harmoniously with your possessions, presenting wisdom garnered from her long years in the field via descriptions of foolproof methods accompanied by charming… … Details

  • A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind
    Keisuke Matsumoto

    A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind お坊さんが教えるこころが整う掃除の本

    Cleaning is a cardinal training practice of Buddhist monks, which accounts for their reputation as cleaning pros among the monastic set. This practical guide introduces Zen Buddhist methods for cleaning stains and dirt as well… … Details

  • The Amazing Power of Cleaning Up: Nine Deep Secrets
    Kouei Hazuki

    The Amazing Power of Cleaning Up: Nine Deep Secrets すごい片づけ 9つの極意

    A numerologist presents a system for tidying up and organizing that begins with an analysis of your psychological disposition, then brings principles of numerology to bear in showing how to create living spaces that will… … Details

  • The Zen of Eating

    The Zen of Eating お坊さんにまなぶ こころが調う食の作法

    The aim of this book is to introduce some of the traditional Zen practices related to eating and food preparation, and to show how they may be readily applied to daily life. A wealth of… … Details

  • A Life of Simple Beauty
    Emiko Katō

    A Life of Simple Beauty 上質なものを少しだけもつ生活

    Everyone wants to have nice things, but not everyone can afford to live lavishly. The good news is that it’s possible to dress nicely and live in elegant spaces without breaking the bank. This work… … Details

  • A Zen Guide to Enlightenment
    Toshimichi Hasegawa

    A Zen Guide to Enlightenment お坊さんが教える「悟り」入門

    This guide to Zen, written by the deputy head priest of a Buddhist temple established in 1543, covers mindfulness, meditation, and more as it delves into such topics as living in the moment; dealing with… … Details

  • The Buddhist Way for Everyday Happiness
    Nansen Oshō

    The Buddhist Way for Everyday Happiness ほとけ様に教わった 毎日をハッピーにする 90 の方法

    The head priest at a temple with more than 780 years of history gives his insights on life through the teachings of Buddha, offering 90 tips for increased harmony and lasting contentment. We were given… … Details

  • How to Reset Your Worldly Desires
    Ryūnosuke Koike

    How to Reset Your Worldly Desires 煩悩リセット稽古帖

    Written by a charismatic young Buddhist monk, this comic-book-styled guide reveals methods that can be easily implemented to reduce the stress and negativity of daily life that stem from such universal areas of struggle as… … Details

  • Simply Zen?Vegetarian Cooking to Satisfy the Soul
    Kakuhō Aoe

    Based on the vegetarian cuisine at Zen Buddhist monasteries, the delicious, healthy recipes in this book can all be made in three easy steps. Each of these “Zen soul food” dishes is nutritious yet low… … Details

  • Architectural Study of the Temple of Messene at Ancient Messene
    Jūkō Itō

    Major archeological excavations of the classical city-state of Messene on the Peloponnese peninsula of southern Greece have been underway since the 1980s, headed up by Professor Petros Themelis and the Society of Messenian Archaeological Studies.… … Details

  • Mahalla and its Educational Role
    Asuka Kawano

    This is the English translation of a book originally published in Japanese in 2010 as “Kyōiku” suru kyōdōtai: Uzubekisutan ni okeru kokumin keisei to chiiki shakai kyōiku (Collective Guidance: Nation-Building and Community Education in Uzbekistan).… … Details

  • Tidying Up: Zen Practice
    Shunmyō Masuno

    Tidying Up: Zen Practice 片づける 禅の作法

    We all live surrounded by countless material things. Sometimes the accumulation of unnecessary stuff cluttering up our living spaces makes it difficult to find the items we really need. In this book a Zen priest… … Details