Warm Poison
Author: Yukiko Motoya
Specifications: ISBN  978-4103017745
133 pages
14.1 x 20.0 cm / 5.6 x 8.0 in (WxH)
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, 2011
Awards: Noma Prize for New Writers, 2011
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The narrator of this thrilling novella is a woman named Yuri Kumada. The book describes her two-year relationship with Mukai, a handsome young man who happens to be a pathological liar. Yuri is a junior-college student in the provinces. One day the phone rings at her house. A man claiming to be an old high-school classmate wants to return 5,000 yen he borrowed from her at school. It sounds implausible, but the instant they meet, Yuri finds Mukai irresistibly charming. Sure enough, though she is the same age as Mukai, who is a student at a prestigious university in Tokyo, the story about their being at high school together and the borrowed money is just a lie. A year later, Yuri and Mukai are invited out by a couple of Yuri's old classmates and the two boys can't stop telling her how cute she is. The next year she graduates from the junior college and starts working for a trucking company. Now 21, she begins seeing Mukai, who persuades her to split up with her previous boyfriend. Mukai, however, spins a vast web of lies: there are five "other women" in his life, he says; one of them was in a car accident with him and he can't break up with her because he swore to take care of her?and besides, her father is a gangster. Mukai stays at Yuri's house for a while. He insults her parents outrageously, but tells them he plans to marry their daughter in order to get their permission to live with her in Tokyo. Despite the realization that he's a poisonous character who is only after her money, Yuri goes up to Tokyo with him . . . A psychological drama that all too vividly portrays a young man and woman locked in a relationship based on deceit and lies.