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About JLPP

The Japanese Literature Publishing Project (JLPP) was founded in 2002 to promote modern Japanese literature to the world. Under this program, which is overseen by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, works of Japanese literature published over the past 150 years are selected by a committee of literary professionals, translated into various languages, and published overseas. JLPP was managed by the J-Lit Center until March 2009; since April 2009 it has been managed by the JLPP Office established by Toppan Printing Co. Ltd.

Some JLPP titles are handled by the J-Lit Center and others by the JLPP Office. Please contact us to check on the rights to a specific title.

The J-Lit Center currently handles foreign-language rights to a number of translated but unpublished titles for which we are seeking overseas publishers. For details please contact us.

Translated titles:
A Cappella
Flowers of Grass
In Pursuit of Lavender
Laughing Wolf
Supermarket, the Novel