Slime Lizards
Author: Ko Amemura
Specifications: ISBN  978-4043913022
376 pages
10.6 x 15.0 cm / 4.2 x 6.0 in (WxH)
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Kadokawa Corporation
Tokyo, 2009
Awards: Mystery Writers of Japan Award, 2010
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Blood-gushing amputated body parts, rape, and necrophilia are just some of the shockers in this horror novel that brims with the erotic and the grotesque. Set in a regional community in Japan during World War II, the story revolves around Yukimaro, the son of Daizo Tsukinomori, owner of the town's only hospital and a wealthy man with powerful political and military connections. Yukimaro is a monster of a 12-year-old who takes advantage of his father's influence to skip school or indulge in such atrocities as raping the nurses every morning and killing a classmate just for kicks. Although Yukimaro is devoted to his mother, Chieko, she has not been seen since she suddenly vanished three months earlier; meanwhile his father, driven mad by the loss, has given up his lifelong experiments with brain transplantation and shuts himself up in his room scribbling a novel and refusing to see anyone, including his own son. Yukimaro's sole companion is his servant Tomizo, a "herpbino" with a lizard-like head and human body who was brought as a slave from the Southeast Asian country of Namur. But then Yukimaro's beautiful cousin Miwako, whom he has pledged to someday make his bride, is poisoned by another cousin, Hanayo, who is jealous of their relationship. Yukimaro flies to Namur with Tomizo and a soldier, the brother of a classmate, to acquire the arcane knowledge he needs to bring Miwako back to life. From secret hospital dungeons and ghastly acts of torture to magic potions and mad scientists, all the gimmicks dear to horror fans are to be found in this bizarre work?which, in spite of everything, succeeds in also being a tale about pure love.