Milk Diary: The Book of Milk for Healthy Living Every Day

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Milk Diary: The Book of Milk for Healthy Living Every Day
Illustrator: Bunpei Yorifuji
Specifications: ISBN  978-4591156094
192 pages
14.3 x 17.0 cm / 5.7 x 6.8 in (WxH)
Category: Cooking & Food
Publisher: Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, 2017
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Tremendously popular web content that drew 80,000 Facebook Likes is collected here between the covers of this book. The character Milk-Cup is born when milk pours from above into a dry, empty glass. “Now go forth! Your mission is to make everybody healthy and strong!” says Milk-God, so Milk-Cup sets out on a journey to educate people everywhere about milk. Milk-Cup becomes the reader’s guide through numerous recipes that make use of milk—from banana and jam “lattes,” power shakes, chowders, and pancakes to milk pilaf, milk ramen, milk salad, and more, all illustrated copiously in picture-book form. Interspersed among the recipes are pages where Milk-Cup explains facts about milk and its benefits: that it’s good for your skin, its nutritional value is not reduced by heat, it helps keep you regular, it strengthens your immune system, it can aid in losing weight, it’s loaded with calcium, and so forth. With humorous asides scattered throughout that will make you chuckle, the book doesn’t stop at promoting healthy bodies but lifts spirits as well.

About the Author
Team Milk Japan was established to carry out the Milk Japan Project, which embodies the desires of dairy farmers and the nation’s parents alike for “healthy children, a healthy Japan, and a healthy future.” Its mission is to promote health throughout the country by engaging in a wide variety of activities that highlight the nutritional benefits of milk. The team has also collaborated with art director Bunpei Yorifuji on Miruku-seiki: Miruku ni yoru miruku no tame no miruku no hon (Milk Century: The Book of Milk, by Milk, for Milk).