Richard’s Diary

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Richard’s Diary
Author: Tomomi
Specifications: ISBN  978-4777118700
44 pages
21.5 x 30.3 cm / 8.6 x 12.1 in (WxH)
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Goma Books Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, 2016
Agents: Tohan Corporation
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This is a sequel to author Tomomi’s picture book for grown-ups, Richādo no yubiwa (A Ring from Richard).

Several days after Richard succumbs to his illness, Millie goes into his study and finds a diary that she has never seen before. Richard had been keeping a record of everything they had been through together, from when they first met right down to the very end—a half-century of memories. The diary (and the story) recaps the memorable moments of their love and their lives together from Richard’s point of view, providing a counterpoint to the first book, which was told from Millie’s perspective.