115 Frameworks Selected by a Business Strategy Pro

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115 Frameworks Selected by a Business Strategy Pro
Author: Hikaru Tansei
Specifications: ISBN  978-4569816685
288 pages
11.5 x 17.0 cm / 4.6 x 6.8 in (WxH)
Category: Business
Publisher: PHP Institute, Inc.
Kyoto, 2013
Agents: Tohan Corporation
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Businesses today must contend with a shrinking workforce even as the volume of work continues to increase. It can be useful in such circumstances to turn to scientifically systematized frameworks that can help in organizing and deepening one’s thinking; in the smooth sharing and communication of that thinking; and in diagramming a business strategy for ready comprehension, analysis, and proposal.

This book has been designed as a highly comprehensive yet easily portable tool for keeping such business frameworks at the ready. It describes and discusses 115 frameworks for problem-solving, strategic planning, developing hit products, proposal-based marketing, and more, with concrete commentary focused on how they have been and can be applied in actual business settings. A third of these are previously unpublished frameworks that author Hikaru Tansei developed in the course of more than a quarter-century as a business-strategy consultant. With several sidebars between chapters that offer Tansei’s broader thinking on strategic frameworks as well, the book makes it easy for readers to grasp the remarkable utility of these aids.