Vocal Magic: Anyone Can Make a Better Impression!

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Vocal Magic: Anyone Can Make a Better Impression!
Author: Haruyo Miyakawa
Specifications: ISBN  978-4413038317
226 pages
13.0 x 19.0 cm / 5.2 x 7.6 in (WxH)
Category: Self-Help
Publisher: Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, 2012
Agents: Tohan Corporation
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All people pick up voice and speech habits from their surroundings as they grow up. They simply learn how to vocalize and pronounce words by mimicking other people, and virtually no one receives any kind of professional training. This means they are almost certainly not getting the best out of their own voices.

This self-improvement guide aims to make it possible for anyone to enhance their speaking voice, and it does so not just by addressing vocalization techniques but by bringing psychology and yoga into the training process in order to condition the body and mind together. The objective is to acquire what author Haruyo Miyakawa calls kaisei—a Japanese neologism suggesting a voice that is both pleasant to vocalize and agreeable to hear, which links directly to making a better impression. This will in turn have a positive effect on all of the person’s relationships, whether at work, in romance, or in other interpersonal contacts.

Miyakawa lays out the secret to kaisei in three parts. First is the kaisei breathing method, which is based on yoga breathing techniques and is designed to relax both the body and the mind in preparation for the next step. Second comes kaisei vocalization, which is a set of specific exercises for improving the voice. Among them are “modeling,” in which the speaker mimics the voice of someone he or she admires, and “grounding,” to give the speaker composure in front of people. The last is kaisei expression, which is a series of lessons in how to change intonation, stress, inflections, pauses, facial expressions, and various other elements in order to create a more favorable impression.

Along the way Miyakawa offers advice tailored to improving specific voice types and relates numerous examples of training success. The book is recommended for those who wish to improve not only their voice but their entire lifestyle.