Avant-Garde Publications: Futurism, Dadaism, and Constructivism

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Avant-Garde Publications: Futurism, Dadaism, and Constructivism
Author: Yoshiaki Nishino
Specifications: ISBN  978-4130530248
758 pages
21.0 x 28.0 cm / 8.4 x 11.2 in (WxH)
Category: Academic & Science
Publisher: University of Tokyo Press
Tokyo, 2016
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Artists active in the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century were linked together across borders by a media network of avant-garde magazines. Their artistic creations were typically seen outside the established framework of salons and museums, appearing and disappearing in guerrilla fashion. Their magazines and pamphlets, at times published unlawfully as underground publications, reached across national boundaries and political systems and bridged even East and West to link Moscow and Berlin, London and Prague, Paris and Tokyo. The advance and spread of printing technology led to an explosion of publications appearing all at once, only to quickly fade away.

This work reconstructs the avant-garde space that is no more by collecting these rare print artifacts that remain as a vestige of the artists’ activities—from well-known publications etched in the annals of art history to forgotten tracts of incalculable value. The book comes as a two-volume set, the first offering bibliographic studies of the Futurist, Dada, and Constructivist movements by city, region, or country, and the second featuring beautiful full-color photographs of countless publication designs.