Aha! Got It! The Book of Secondary Batteries

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Aha! Got It! The Book of Secondary Batteries
Author: Katsuo Seki
Specifications: ISBN  978-4485600221
138 pages
12.8 x 18.2 cm / 5.1 x 7.2 in (WxH)
Category: Academic & Science
Publisher: Denkishoin Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, 2015
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This is a volume in the publisher’s series of Sukkiri! Gatten! (Aha! Got it!) books designed to give general readers a foothold on technical topics, so that they may be able to get more out of books written for specialists. The fundamentals of each field are laid out in a systematic and easy-to-access way.

In this book author Katsuo Seki offers a detailed introduction to secondary (rechargeable) batteries, explaining what they are, how important they have become in contemporary society, and their potential to contribute to future progress. He discusses the different types of rechargeables developed to date as well as the prospects for new varieties, and surveys the many different uses to which such batteries are being put—from mobile devices to auxiliary power supplies, automobiles, and more.