Big Beanie Goes Out to Play: A Summer Day in the Meadow

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Big Beanie Goes Out to Play: A Summer Day in the Meadow
Author: Miwa Nakaya
Specifications: ISBN  978-4097266983
32 pages
21.5 x 25.0 cm / 8.6 x 10.0 in (WxH)
Category: Children & YA
Ages: 3+
Publisher: Shogakukan Inc.
Tokyo, 2017
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In this installment of the tremendously popular Big Beanie picture-book series, the eponymous protagonist is wakened by bright sunshine on a beautiful summer day. His friends Peanut, Edamame, the Pod-peas, and the Green Pea siblings soon arrive carrying some enormous bamboo-grass leaves, and they all head for the nearby stream. When they get there, they fold and tear the leaves in just the right places to make a bamboo-leaf boat with a bamboo-leaf sail. Hopping aboard, they sail down the river to the big meadow, where they meet Pinto Bean, the Snap Pea sisters, and the Chickpea brothers for the first time in a long while. Then begins a day of endless fun with the flowers and plants they find in the meadow.

They pick the spiked-leaf whorls from catchweed plants and throw them at a target like darts, and they run a pretend caterpillar race with green foxtails. Meanwhile the Pod-peas have been preparing a spread of mock sushi and sweets and beverages out of flowers and other plant parts so they can all have a play banquet. Before they know it the sun is sinking low in the sky. After playing several different games with some four-o’clock flowers, Big Beanie and his friends from upstream say goodbye to the meadow dwellers and start for home.

The story is filled with ideas and instructions for children’s summer outdoor play—from crafting boats and dishes out of bamboo leaves, to brewing colored-water beverages from flowers, to several ways of playing with four-o’clock flowers.