Big Beanie and the Very Long Bean

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Big Beanie and the Very Long Bean
Author: Miwa Nakaya
Specifications: ISBN  978-4097261926
32 pages
18.4 x 27.0 cm / 7.3 x 10.8 in (WxH)
Category: Children & YA
Ages: 3+
Publisher: Shogakukan Inc.
Tokyo, 2009
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This is another installment in the hugely popular series of picture books featuring a charming fava-bean character named Soramame-kun, or Big Beanie.

Big Beanie and his friends find a strange bean pod sticking out of a thicket of grass. When they pull on it, it keeps coming and coming, as if it might go on forever—until all of a sudden eight yardlong-bean brothers come bouncing out of the grass with it, grousing that their nap time has been disturbed. Just as Big Beanie is proud of his soft, fluffy bed, the Yardlong Brothers are proud of their very long bed, and soon they are arguing about whose bed is better. Merely debating the merits of soft vs. long fails to resolve the disagreement, so they decide to compare the two beds in a series of contests.

While Big Beanie is sliding down a hill using his bed as a sled, the Yardlong Brothers quickly unroll their long bed all the way to the foot of the hill and use it as a sliding board to beat him to the bottom. And while Big Beanie and his friends are rowing his bed-boat across a puddle, the Yardlong Brothers unroll their bed as a bridge to the other side and scamper across ahead of them. Big Beanie feels utterly defeated. Then a cry rises from back in the middle of the puddle: the youngest Yardlong Brother is drowning. Both parties rush to the rescue, but it is one of the oars held out from Big Beanie’s bed-boat that reaches the drowning boy first. And when the boy is shivering with a chill after being delivered safely to shore, it is Big Beanie’s soft, cozy bed that helps him warm up. By morning the boy is completely recovered, and his big brothers have a new opinion of Big Beanie’s bed. They are all friends now, and the next night they decide to swap beds, with the eight Yardlong Brothers sleeping in Big Beanie’s pod while Big Beanie and his buddies stretch out in the Yardlongs.’

The story warms readers’ hearts as the contentious mood gives way to harmony.