The Little Black Bear’s Neckerchief

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The Little Black Bear’s Neckerchief
Author: Yukiko Kobayashi
Specifications: ISBN  978-4577043509
24 pages
25.0 x 25.0 cm / 10.0 x 10.0 in (WxH)
Category: Children & YA
Ages: 3+
Publisher: Froebel-kan
Tokyo, 2016
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This is a sequel to Kurokuma-kun no pankēki (Pancakes with the Little Black Bears) featuring the three bear brothers Kooi, Koof, and Koos.?

One day when the three bears get back from a walk in the woods, Koos is missing his yellow neckerchief. He must have dropped it somewhere along the way. The bears retrace their steps to a bridge, and see something yellow among the flowers on the other side. But when they hurry on across to pick up the neckerchief, they come upon Little Bunny with a big yellow ribbon in her hair instead. They continue retracing their steps and see a patch of yellow through the trees. This time they hurry to the spot only to discover that it’s Mr. Wolf’s yellow tent. Oh, my!

They continue the search without success and are taking a break over a snack of strawberries when Little Mouse comes along sporting a yellow neckerchief. When he says Mrs. Mole made it for him, they follow him to her house and discover that she is almost finished making yellow neckerchiefs for all nine of Little Mouse’s brothers, too. Koos realizes his own yellow neckerchief is gone for good and bursts into tears. But with the help of the mice, Mrs. Mole quickly sews a colorful new patchwork neckerchief for him out of several different swatches of cloth.

The pages where the bears think they’ve found the neckerchief have strategically placed cutouts where a patch of yellow shows through from the next page. Since readers cannot see what the yellow belongs to, they’re drawn into the excitement of the search and flip the page in anticipation. The vibrant artwork of flower-covered fields and rooms full of industrious little mice help to bring the story to life.