Let Me Tell You: Your Cat’s Side of the Story

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Let Me Tell You: Your Cat’s Side of the Story
Author: Anela
Specifications: ISBN  978-4809413612
217 pages
13.1 x 19.0 cm / 5.1 x 7.5 in (WxH)
Category: Nonfiction
Publisher: Toho Publishing Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, 2016
Agents: Tohan Corporation
Buy now: amazon.co.jp


Author Anela, who works as an animal communicator in Hawaii, has an uncanny ability to understand animals. Pet owners travel all the way from Japan to visit her Honolulu office in order to learn what their beloved pets are thinking. Having spoken with roughly 800 cats, she offers accounts of some of those conversations to readers of this book.

Many of Anela’s conversations with animals take place face to face, but she is also able to communicate with them through photographs. She focuses her own consciousness to connect with the consciousness of the animal, and at that point she is able to hear its inner voice or tune into some of its memories. Whatever message is contained in what she is able to pick up, she passes on to the owner “in translation,” without injecting any interpretations of her own.

When behavioral issues are a concern, the cat’s side of the story, as heard by Anela, frequently illuminates a blind spot on the part of the owner. For example, a cat that scratches its owner may be feeling insecure because its familiar old bedding was replaced with something new, or a cat that suddenly begins soiling the floor may be upset because its owner has stopped giving it as much attention as before.

Although she once regarded cats as more aloof and testy than dogs, through her sessions with them Anela has come to perceive such traits as a product of cats’ naturally high self-esteem, rather than fickle whim. When a cat relates concern over something its owner said, or expresses resentment over how its owner’s new spouse took up residence without so much as a hello, Anela sees the underlying cause of the problem as human behavior. She has also been surprised to discover the deep empathy cats have for their owners as well as other pets in the household. She offers heartwarming accounts of a cat who quietly keeps its animal friends company when they are sick; a cat who comforts its owner when she is feeling hurt, assuring her, “It’s not your fault”; and an elderly cat who worries about the loneliness its owner will experience after it dies, and assures her, “I’ll always be with you.”

Thanks to Anela’s services as an interpreter, the cat owners who consult her are able to further deepen their bonds with their pets. Both owners and non-owners alike will come away from this book with a new understanding of how cats feel.