Let Me Tell You: What Your Dog TRULY Wants to Say

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Let Me Tell You: What Your Dog TRULY Wants to Say
Author: Anela
Specifications: ISBN  978-4809412127
192 pages
13.0 x 18.6 cm / 5.2 x 7.4 in (WxH)
Category: Nonfiction
Publisher: Toho Publishing Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, 2014
Agents: Tohan Corporation
Buy now: amazon.co.jp


“Which foods do you like the best?”
“Why do you behave so badly?”
“Are you REALLY happy?”

Haven’t you ever wanted to ask your pet questions like that?
We may never know how they would answer?but Anela does.

Pet owners often wish they knew what their pets were thinking about. Animal communicators can make that dream come true. Anela, a Japanese animal communicator based in Honolulu, talks with dogs as well as other animals. Dog owners in particular beat a path to her salon with questions or worries about their pets. Anela asks the dogs about their owners’ concerns, and they reply to her. She then interprets their “words” to the owners. Often, says Anela, the owners shed tears and express regret for hurting their pets out of a lack of understanding. She urges people to recognize that animals have their own personalities, and to strive to improve relations with their pets.

In this book, her first, the author recounts a number of conversations she has had with dogs at her salon. Readers will quickly find themselves sympathizing with the pets who “speak” to Anela, and may even glean from their “words” wisdom that is relevant to our own lives.