Loose Ends at the Kitanozaka Detective Agency: Not Enough Psychological Description

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Loose Ends at the Kitanozaka Detective Agency: Not Enough Psychological Description
Author: Yutaka Kōno
Specifications: ISBN  978-4041010044
324 pages
10.6 x 15.0 cm / 4.2 x 6.0 in (WxH)
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Kadokawa Corporation
Tokyo, 2013
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A novelist and a former editor play detective to solve mysteries in which ghosts play a role.

Novelist Tsuzuku Amasaka is not a prolific writer, but he has a base of extremely loyal fans who regard him as a genius. Ten years earlier, his niece Nozomi died in a traffic accident at the age of six. Since learning that her spirit continues to wander the Suma coast, he has taken an interest in cases involving ghosts in order to solve the mystery of “the purple fingertip,” an identity connected with the girl’s death.

Renji Sasanami used to be Amasaka’s editor until he resigned from his position at the publishing house to open the Loose Ends café on Kitanozaka Hill in Kobe. Having a supernatural ability to communicate with ghosts, he has also established a detective agency on the second floor of the building, where clients with ghost troubles seek him out. Amasaka happens to live on the second floor, and soon begins helping out with the investigations.

The two detectives have a unique methodology that differs from the usual procedure of zeroing in on the truth from evidence gathered. After Sasanami gathers details about the ghosts’ statements and actions or other psychic phenomena, Amasaka expands on the information by adding psychological motivations, casting occurrences in new light as he weaves them into a unified story in which both the ghosts and the people connected to them find closure.

The client in this episode is Yuki Kogurei, a senior in high school. Having seen, in the grade-school library, the ghost of a friend who died a year ago at the age of 16, Kogurei suspects that she must be looking for a book she had been fond of as a child, and seeks Sasanami’s help in locating a copy. But Sasanami’s investigations, coupled with Amasaka’s insights, about the death of the girl’s twin brother, who had been a close friend of Yuki, suggest that it is something else that is causing her ghost to linger in this world. Their conclusion shores up Yuki’s own happiness as it enables the sister’s ghost to gain release and rest in peace. Meanwhile, in the course of their investigations it is revealed that the ghost has encountered “the purple fingertip,” but what she has to say about it only deepens the mystery. Resolution of that conundrum must await a future episode.