GOoD Design Philosophy

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GOoD Design Philosophy
Author: Edward Suzuki
Specifications: ISBN  978-4093882996
237 pages
5.1 x 7.5 cm / 12.8 x 18.8 in (WxH)
Category: Art
Publisher: Shogakukan Inc.
Translations: English
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Japan English Shogakukan Inc. GOoD Design Philosophy 978-4093885614
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While attending the Harvard Graduate School of Design on a Fulbright scholarship in the early 1970s, architect Edward Suzuki worked in the office of inventor and futurist Buckminster Fuller, an experience that deepened his curiosity as a student of life. In this collection of essays Suzuki recounts his own contemplations on such varied topics as the structure of the atom, sustainable development, world peace, the metaphysical, and what it means to be human—lifelong musings on the rationality and the beauty of the universe that continue to inform his bold yet organic architectural designs today.

“Although the paths are different, we are all in one way or another journeying towards the same goal: to be happy,” he writes. Coining the term “GOoD Design” from his belief that the universe, both visible and invisible, is God’s greatest work of architecture, he considers the vast web of interrelationships that exists between the material world, our physical bodies, and our spiritual selves in essays as varied in their subject matter as the molecular structure of water, the mystical properties of bamboo, the Fibonacci sequence, and the golden ratio. Although science and religion have long been at odds with one another, both spring from and inspire a sense of wonder. Suzuki’s writings from the unique perspective of an architect and a student of atomic and molecular structure reveal that rationality and spirituality actually work in concert.

Endorsed by four Goi Peace Award laureates, GOoD Design Philosophy is a model for positive change, mirroring in its aim to help us thrive into the future the ongoing advance of divine consciousness.