GOoD DESIGN: God’s Design Philosophy

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GOoD DESIGN: God’s Design Philosophy
Author: Edward Suzuki
Specifications: ISBN  978-4093882996
Category: Art
Publisher: Shogakukan Inc.
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This book covers a range of topics from design in general to modern and futuristic architecture, physics, chemistry, biology, math, unexplained phenomena, consciousness, and philosophy from a personal viewpoint. "Just as God did not divide Nature into various 'sections' but designed it as one w-holistic Whole," says the author, he tries to bring different subjects into one fused universe. Of special interest is his connection to and admiration for his mentor Buckminster Fuller, by whom he was inspired to "dare to be naïve" to produce a new structural model of the atom, Atommetrics, and predict a new form of diamond, the Super Diamond, which recently was created in the laboratory to validate his model. The book also touches on the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio, and fractals that abound in Nature, or what the author calls "GOoD DESIGN." It also explains in layman's terms Einstein's Relativity Theory and goes beyond present-day science to dwell on as yet scientifically unexplained phenomena such as synchronicity, ESP, consciousness, life, and death. The author ultimately tries to explain how Love is the universal binding force, "an idea that one day may help unify the four forces of Nature"?namely electromagnetism, the atom's strong and weak forces, and gravity.