The Lost Generation Strikes Back

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The Lost Generation Strikes Back
Author: Jun Ikeido
Specifications: ISBN  978-4478020500
386 pages
13.0 x 18.8 cm / 5.2 x 7.5 in (WxH)
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Diamond, Inc.
Tokyo, 2012
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This is the third work in the author's bubble-generation series featuring bank officer Naoki Hanzawa, who believes in giving double the payback if anybody does him wrong. As a result of one such sweet revenge, Hanzawa gets farmed out to Tokyo Central Securities (TCS), a subsidiary of Tokyo Central Bank (TCB). One day, the president of The Cyberacrobatics Troupe, a leading IT company, approaches TCS for help in acquiring IT rival Tokyo Spiral. While finding it somewhat suspicious that Cyberacrobatics would come to a relatively minor player like TCS for such a takeover bid, Hanzawa sees it as an opportunity to garner a major broker's fee. But while he is still putting together a strategy, he learns that TCB has stolen the job out from under him. Another employee on loan to TCS from the parent company has betrayed him by leaking information.

In after-hours trading, TCB quickly acquires nearly 30% of Tokyo Spiral's outstanding stock. Meanwhile, the enraged Hanzawa learns that Masahiro Moriyama, a junior "lost generation" member of his team, had been a close friend of Tokyo Spiral president Sena in their middle- and high-school years. Sena had been forced to withdraw from high school when his father went bankrupt; after much hardship, Sena had managed to start up his own company and build it into a major industry player, but now two friends who helped him found the company have betrayed him by selling their shares to TCB. With his back against the wall, Sena is approached by another securities company offering to be his white knight by linking him up with Fox, a leading distributor of PC peripherals. Sena has great respect for the president of Fox as a businessman, but he can't quite warm to the idea. When his old friend Moriyama comes calling, he seeks a second opinion. Moriyama consults with Hanzawa.

From a friend at TCB, Hanzawa learns that a major loan to Fox has been approved. He realizes TCB is behind the entire Fox scheme and passes the word to Sena. Gaining trust in Hanzawa, Sena invites him to represent Tokyo Spiral, setting up a contest in which Hanzawa faces off against his own parent company. Having learned in the course of investigating Cyberacrobatics that the company has been engaging in creative accounting, Hanzawa marches boldly into the TCB board meeting where additional financing for the company is slated for approval . . .

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