Begin from Within: Teachings on Love from a Buddhist Monk

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Begin from Within: Teachings on Love from a Buddhist Monk
Author: Ryūnosuke Koike
Specifications: ISBN  978-4799311561
228 pages
12.8 x 18.8 cm / 5.1 x 7.5 in (WxH)
Category: Self-Help
Publisher: Discover 21, Inc.
Tokyo, 2012
Translations: Simplified Chinese, Korean
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China Simplified Chinese
South Korea Korean
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Begin from Within is the latest release from Asia's popular, million-selling monk Ryunosuke Koike. Based upon Koike's love advice column on a popular astrology website, Begin from Within provides answers to a variety of typical romantic troubles, combining Buddhist thought with his unusual and outspoken writing style.

While readers might expect Koike's answers to be as gentle as his appearance suggests, the advice he provides is surprisingly blunt. He alludes to his strict nature in the introduction as he writes:

"In dealing with readers' questions about emotional problems that develop while they are in love I do my best to provide suggestions for positive change. For some readers taking a good look at their behavior and the negative aspects of their personalities might be difficult. However, even if you do find yourself thinking 'Oh no, I think this applies to me,' take it as an opportunity to come to terms with a bad part of your personality and a chance to become a better person. Not just for the sake of your partner, but for yourself too."

Begin from Within provides readers with the opportunity to "discover" who they really are as a partner and gives realistic, manageable suggestions for how to improve yourself and enjoy your relationships.