Author: Taichi Yamada
Specifications: ISBN  978-4101018164
220 pages
10.6 x 15.0 cm / 4.2 x 6.0 in (WxH)
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, 1987
Translations: Russian, English
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Country Languages Publisher Title ISBN Translator Affiliate Link
Russia Russian Eskmo Publishing House Лето с чужими 978-5699154449 Andrey Zamilov
United Kingdom English Faber and Faber Strangers 978-0571224371 Wayne P. Lammers
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Since his divorce, scriptwriter Hideo Harada has been living in the apartment room that once served as his workplace. The apartment block faces Kampachi-dori, one of Tokyo's major trunk roads, and most units are used as offices rather than as residences. At night, the building becomes almost deserted. One evening, a woman named Kei, who lives in the same apartment block, visits Harada and asks if he would like to have a drink with her. He is very tired and declines her invitation. Later, however, their relationship becomes intimate. Meanwhile, Harada discovers that his ex-wife is going out with his business partner. Feeling mentally drained, Harada wanders over to Asakusa, where he was born and raised. There he meets a man who resembles his dead father. The tired, lonely scriptwriter then starts visiting Asakusa regularly, searching for the comfort and warmth he remembers from his lost parents. Kei, however, strongly objects to these visits and stops him from going to Asakusa . . .