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  • Bashful Bunny White
    Kaori Tajima

    Bashful Bunny White はずかしがりやのしろうさちゃん

    Little Bunny White arrives with her older sister and mother at Grandma’s house, to spend her summer vacation on the coast. But the shy bunny hides behind her mother when she sees her Grandma for… … Details

  • Bicycles, Creak Creak
    Eiko Kadono / Tomomi Shimada

    Bicycles, Creak Creak じてんしゃ ギルリ ギルリ

    Two new bicycles are delivered from the store. The larger one is for Little Pink, the smaller one for her dog Bonbon. Pink and Bonbon start out on a ride. Their bicycles make creaking noises… … Details

  • Gulliver’s Travels
    Hisashi Inoue / Mitsumasa Anno

    Gulliver’s Travels ガリバーの冒険

    In 1969, Hisashi Inoue and Mitsumasa Anno collaborated on a Japanese picture-book edition of the world classic by Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels. In this reissue of the long out-of-print adaptation, the text by Inoue remains… … Details

  • Settle the White and Black of It, Good Zebra
    Ikuko Nagai / Junko Kusuhara

    Settle the White and Black of It, Good Zebra しろくろつけてよ シマウマくん

    This story is built on the association between a zebra’s stripes and the Japanese expression shirokuro o tsukeru?“to make things black and white,” or to settle a question once and for all. Zebra is taking… … Details

  • Used to Be Children
    Yōko Tomiyasu / Hiroshi Itō

    Used to Be Children もとこども

    My grandpa used to be a carpenter. I wonder what his life was like before that? My mom is a teacher. I wonder how she spent her time before that? The young woman who lives across the… … Details

  • Girls’ Coloring Book: The Charming Lives of Laura and Mary

    Girls’ Coloring Book: The Charming Lives of Laura and Mary ガールズぬりえ ローラとメアリーのかわいいくらし

    Mary lives in the country surrounded by nature, while Laura lives in a bustling city. The two girls were born on the same day and will soon be 17. Although they live completely different lives,… … Details

  • My First Adventure 8: Whose Voice Is That?
    Tatsuhide Matsuoka

    My First Adventure 8: Whose Voice Is That? はじめてのぼうけん8 だれのこえ?

    This is the eighth book in author Tatsuhide Matsuoka’s Hajimete no bōken (My First Adventure) series, designed to help even the smallest children get to know the natural world around them. This volume focuses on… … Details

  • How Much Longer, How Much Longer?
    Fumiko Takeshita / Michiko Egashira

    How Much Longer, How Much Longer? まだかなまだかな

    This book focuses on times of anticipation when baby animals or children are waiting for their mother to come, wondering anxiously, “How much longer? How much longer?”?and on those special moments that follow when she… … Details

  • Inside Something Round
    Machiko Fuji / Maki Arai

    Inside Something Round まるいもののなかに

    Inside a plump, rounded tulip bud are stamens and pistils. Inside a juicy ripe peach is a pit that will one day sprout into a new tree. Inside the tiny round insect egg stuck to… … Details

  • Kū and Mā’s Learning Books: What’s This Animal?
    Kōshirō Hata

    Kū and Mā’s Learning Books: What’s This Animal? クーとマーのおぼえるえほん どうぶつなあに

    This is the ninth volume in the Kū and Mā’s Learning Books series featuring the twin bear cubs Kū, a boy, and Mā, a girl, in storylines that help small children learn colors, shapes, body… … Details

  • Brush Brush Your Teeth

    Brush Brush Your Teeth しゃかしゃかはみがき

    This is a picture book for parents who wish to teach their child proper dental hygiene in a way that is both fun and memorable. How do you clean those hard-to-reach teeth at the back?… … Details

  • Planting Rice on Grandpa’s Farm
    Momomi Sako

    Planting Rice on Grandpa’s Farm おじいちゃんちのたうえ

    Each spring, Shōtarō and his family go to Grandpa’s farm to help with the rice planting. Now in elementary school, Shōtarō has promised that this year he will pitch in, too. When his alarm goes… … Details

  • Beddy-Bye
    Momomi Sako

    Beddy-Bye ねんね

    For some small children, learning to go to bed by themselves can be a major hurdle that causes difficulties. This book tells a story designed to put their fears to rest. When Mama says it’s… … Details

  • Whose Bicycle?
    Jun Takabatake

    Whose Bicycle? だれのじてんしゃ

    A boy rides his green bicycle across a grassy field. He comes upon an orange bicycle with a very long chassis, and gets off to ponder it. “Whose bicycle is this?” he wonders aloud. An… … Details

  • The Mouse Tree
    Wakiko Satō

    The Mouse Tree ねずみのなるき

    Cat catches Mouse and threatens to eat him. Mouse begs for his life, offering to give Cat a seed that will grow into a mouse tree instead. Cat pictures a tree with lots of plump… … Details

  • Birthday Dog
    Hiroshi Saitō / Nao Takabatake

    Birthday Dog バースデー・ドッグ

    The doorbell rings when the narrator, a boy, is not expecting anyone, and he opens the door to find a large golden dog on his doorstep. “I’ll come in, if you don’t mind,” says a… … Details

  • Hustle and Slack: Operation Surprise Present
    Nao Takabatake

    Hustle and Slack: Operation Surprise Present セッセとヨッコラ ひみつのプレゼントさくせん

    This is the second episode in author Nao Takabatake’s picture-book series featuring the ever curious dog Hustle, always on the ball, and the happy-go-lucky monkey Slack, who is more of the lazy sort. Although they… … Details

  • Hustle and Slack: Exploring the Snoggzz Cave
    Nao Takabatake

    Hustle and Slack: Exploring the Snoggzz Cave セッセとヨッコラ ヒョゴーどうくつのたんけん

    This is the first in author Nao Takabatake’s series of picture books featuring the restless and impetuous dog Hustle and the lukewarm and lackadaisical monkey Slack. In this episode the two go on a cave… … Details

  • Night Cat

    Night Cat ナイトキャット

    Cat spends his days snoozing on a rug by the fireplace or in his cozy basket, his bowl always full, and he’s treated like a king. But he has a secret: He goes on adventures… … Details

  • Divination for All Your Needs: Welcome to the Yin-Yang Shop
    Shōko Amano

    Divination for All Your Needs: Welcome to the Yin-Yang Shop よろず占い処 陰陽屋へようこそ

    This first volume in author Shōko Amano’s popular Onmyō-ya (The Yin-Yang Shop) series for young adults contains four linked stories in the main narrative line, and two spinoff episodes. In the basement of a building… … Details