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  • Sachiko’s Garden
    Akira Honda

    Exhausted by troubled relationships with her classmates, sixth-grader Sachiko stops going to school. One morning she wakes up late as usual to find her family in a panic. The problem is the garden, which her… … Details

  • Gardening Boys
    Naoko Uozumi

    Gardening Boys 園芸少年

    Tatsuya Shinozaki meets the guy just before his first year of high school?judging by his clothes, a delinquent type that no one in their right mind would want to hang out with. But when Tatsuya… … Details

  • The Eternal Exit
    Eto Mori

    The Eternal Exit 永遠の出口

    The setting for all nine of the short stories in this collection is a housing development in a Tokyo suburb, 40 minutes by bicycle from the nearest train station. The episodes span the preteen and… … Details

  • Hiroshima no Pika
    Toshi Maruki

    Hiroshima no Pika ひろしまのピカ

    On a clear summer morning, the seven rivers of Hiroshima flow tranquilly through the city and people board the streetcars slowly plying the main avenues. A young girl, Mii, happily wolfs down a meal of… … Details

  • The Spider Lily Is the Fox’s Hairpin
    Shaw Kuzki (Shō Kutsuki)

    The Spider Lily Is the Fox’s Hairpin 彼岸花はきつねのかんざし

    It's spring, and a small dog frolics in a lotus field. But how could this be??Japan is in the midst of war, and even pets have been requisitioned by the government. In this jarring way,… … Details

  • The Hair Ornament of August
    Masamoto Nasu

    The Hair Ornament of August 八月の髪かざり

    Hisae, who has returned from Tokyo to her hometown of Hiroshima, is an elderly woman who enjoys her solitary life making stuffed dolls, which she hands out to children as presents, earning her the nickname… … Details

  • The Atomic Bomb of Hiroshima in Pictures
    Masamoto Nasu / Shigeo Nishimura

    The Atomic Bomb of Hiroshima in Pictures 絵で読む 広島の原爆

    Massive in size and scope, this picture book is a comprehensive and in-depth look at the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Author Masamoto Nasu is himself a victim of the bombing. A Hiroshima native, he was… … Details

  • A Little More
    Miyoko Matsutani / Osamu Tsukasa

    A Little More まちんと

    On the morning of August 6, 1945, a young girl in Hiroshima is happily eating a tomato when the atomic bomb explodes. Injured, she longs for just another taste of the rare treat, crying machinto,… … Details

  • When I Was a Child
    Arata Osada / Chihiro Iwasaki

    When I Was a Child わたしがちいさかったときに

    This is a selection of some 30 accounts from Children of the A-Bomb and From Under the Atomic Cloud, compilations of essays and poetry by young survivors of the atomic bomb that were first published… … Details

  • Tomorrow, Under Fair Skies: Our Chernobyl
    Shoko Nakazawa

    Tomorrow, Under Fair Skies: Our Chernobyl あしたは晴れた空の下で ぼくたちのチェルノブイリ

    Originally published in 1988, this book has been reprinted because of its tragic relevance to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. One can sense the pain and frustration of the author in the words she has penned… … Details