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  • The Triple-Zero Arithmetic Case Files
    Shōgo Mukai

    The Triple-Zero Arithmetic Case Files トリプル・ゼロの算数事件簿

    Fifth-grader Yūten Ariake is a math whiz, but no one in his class knows it because he blows off the tests and gets low scores. His best friend Kyōhei Todoroki excels in sports, is a… … Details

  • Kū-chan’s Pancake
    Yūko Watanabe

    Kū-chan’s Pancake くうちゃんのホットケーキ

    Little Kū-chan sees Mama getting ready to make something in the kitchen, and wants to help?all the more so when she discovers that what they’ll be making is pancakes. She loves them! “I don’t need… … Details

  • Jam-Packed Hidden Pictures
    Kaori Hayashi

    Jam-Packed Hidden Pictures さがしえ ぎゅうぎゅう だいずかん

    Every page of this board book is jam-packed with drawings of animals, insects, sea creatures, flowers, fruits and vegetables, favorite foods, vehicles, clothing and other things around the house?nine categories of items small children can… … Details

  • Second Day Moon
    Miku Itō

    Fourth-grader An is big sister to Mei, a newborn. In the first family picture of the four of them together, everybody is beaming. But a month after Mei is born, Mommy and Daddy don’t seem… … Details

  • The Mysterious Forest Wonderland: A Coloring Book with Puzzles

    The Mysterious Forest Wonderland: A Coloring Book with Puzzles 不思議の森のWonderland: パズルも遊べて心がなごむぬりえBook

    This delightful coloring book for children and adults mixes intricately patterned coloring pages with color-by-number puzzles. Many of the pages include sections that don’t look like anything because they are chopped into small pieces by… … Details

  • Gorillas Galore
    Nao Takabatake

    Gorillas Galore みんなにゴリラ

    A little boy whimsically imagines that everyone around him is a gorilla. Mama calls out, “Time to clean your room!” But when the reader turns the page, a cutout in the page frames Mama’s face… … Details

  • Four Seasons of Make-It-Yourself Fun
    Sawako Marubayashi

    Four Seasons of Make-It-Yourself Fun 1ねんきせつのこうさくあそび

    From indoor projects using empty boxes and origami paper, to outdoor play with soap bubbles and flower garlands, this book is filled with make-it-yourself projects to last all year long, with ideas for every season… … Details

  • Three Dimples on the Riverbed
    Yōko Nishigaki

    Three Dimples on the Riverbed 川床にえくぼが三つ

    Thirteen-year-old Ayane spends part of her summer vacation during the eighth grade on a research trip to a fossil bed in Java with her geologist aunt Fūko, a stratigraphic specialist. Ayane is still wavering about… … Details

  • On the Line
    Shaw Kuzki (Shō Kutsuki)

    On the Line オン・ザ・ライン

    Kan is a literary-minded boy who’s also big on athletics. When he enters high school, he becomes friends with Takayuki, a boy of similar interests who is an accomplished tennis player. At Takayuki’s urging, Kan… … Details

  • The Man at the Crosswalk
    Nao Kōsaka

    The Man at the Crosswalk おうだんほどうのムッシュトマーレ

    A collection of linked stories in which the mysterious Monsieur Tomāre?tomare in Japanese is the imperative form of “stop”?appears at times of distress to offer advice to young and old alike. Whenever someone is ignoring… … Details

  • Mr. Fabre’s Insect Class: The Brilliance and Foolishness of Instinct
    Daisaburō Okumoto / Kōhei Yamashita

    Mr. Fabre’s Insect Class: The Brilliance and Foolishness of Instinct ファーブル先生の昆虫教室:本能のかしこさとおろかさ

    This book is compiled from translated extracts of French entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre’s Souvenirs entomologiques, originally serialized in the Asahi Newspaper Elementary School Edition between April 2014 and September 2015. The text is written in Fabre’s… … Details

  • Kuri the Hamster Picture Books Series
    Kaya Doi

    Kuri the Hamster Picture Books Series くりちゃんのえほんシリーズ

    This is a series of picture books featuring a cute little hamster girl named Kuri who likes to cook. In Kuri-chan to himawari no tane (Kuri and the Sunflower Seeds), Kuri grows some sunflowers because… … Details

  • Kuma-Kuma Chan’s Travels
    Kazue Takahashi

    Kuma-Kuma Chan’s Travels くまくまちゃん旅にでる

    This is the third installment in the Kuma-Kuma Chan series, which has won a wide following in Japan, especially among young women, and is now spreading its fan base elsewhere in Asia, Europe, and the… … Details

  • Stretchy Wolf
    Tatsuya Miyanishi

    Stretchy Wolf のびのびおおかみ

    Wolf is ambling along when he sees an apple hanging from a tree, seemingly well out of reach. Too bad, you think, but just then, bwannng, Wolf’s arm stretches all the way across the page… … Details

  • Always Be Prepared Earthquake Notes: A Disaster Manual for Parent and Child
    Tomohide Atsumi / Bunpei Yorifuji

    Always Be Prepared Earthquake Notes: A Disaster Manual for Parent and Child 親子のための地震イツモノート キモチの防災マニュアル

    In Japan, earthquakes are not a question of if but when?which means it is essential to always be prepared. The original Jishin itsumo nōto (Always Be Prepared Earthquake Notes), published in 2007, has sold more… … Details

  • Hot Hot Hotcakes
    Yūichi Kimura / Toshio Nishiuchi

    Hot Hot Hotcakes ほっとほっとホットケーキ

    The story is about a family of field mice?five children and their Mama. Nonesuke is the big brother, and he’s followed in age order by sisters Nono and Nene, brother Zunta, and baby sister Mii.… … Details

  • Little Friends
    Reiko Katayama / Takako Kawakami

    Little Friends ちいさなともだち

    Michiko is sitting on a chair in her yard about to bite into a cookie when she sees a butterfly, frog, lizard, and brown-eared bulbul gathered in a flowerpot at her feet. The frog points… … Details

  • The Small Town
    Shinsaku Fujita

    The Small Town ちいさなまち

    In a little town a little girl is sunning herself on the stoop in front of her house when her older brother comes to invite her on a walk. They start out hand in hand,… … Details

  • Urio
    Shigeru Muroi / Yoshifumi Hasegawa

    Urio ウリオ

    Popular actress and author Shigeru Muroi weaves a story based on a baby boar raised to maturity by a friend. Old Man Tanaka, a woodcutter, gives the family of eight-year old Mā-kun and his little… … Details

  • Little Kitty Lette
    Natsuko Ichikawa

    Little Kitty Lette こねこのレッテ

    Lette the kitten belongs to a postal carrier who lives in a third-floor apartment. The little kitty’s favorite spot to rest when the mailman is away is in an old mail-carrier’s bag that now hangs… … Details